The struggle is real for photographers to get the respect they deserve. With the incredible quality of today’s smartphone cameras, Instagram at everyone’s finger tips, and initiatives such as Snappr, less and less people still understand the true craftsmanship of real photography. A lot of photographers find ways to deal with undervaluation, but a single sentence can sometimes be enough to royally piss you off.

Redditor Kjoro took the issue to Reddit’s photography corner, asking what one sentence is everyone’s number one nerve-tickler. Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of response. So it inspired us to create this list comprised of feedback from our photo buddies and the Reddit submissions.

1. “Can I see the pictures on your camera’s display?”

2. “Your camera takes really nice pictures!”

3. “Can you just send me the RAW files (or ‘give me the SD card’)?”

4. “What filter did you use?” *after hours of careful post-processing*

5. “I can take a photo like that with my phone.”

6. “I’ve asked two other photographers for a quote too, so please be as price aggressive as you can.”

7. “We can compensate you with a spot on the guest list / with free food / …”

8. “We don’t have a budget, but it will be great exposure.”

9. “I could take great pictures too, if I had a camera like that!”

10. From assistant to photographer: “Check out my work!” *opens portfolio on set*

11. “I like it, but…” *anything that follows*

12. “Can you just take a photo with my phone real quick?”

13. “Oh, so your photos are edited?”

14. “You can Photoshop that, right?”

15. “Can you just bring your camera and take a few snaps?”

16. “Gear doesn’t matter.”

17. “I won a contest with the wedding picture you took of me!”

18. “Yes, I used your photos on my website. But don’t worry, I added filters.”

19. “How do I make my photos look like these?”

20. “Do you take passport photos too?”

21. “Try not to ruin their wedding.”

22. “Why do you charge so much, just to take pictures?”

23. “Real photographers don’t shoot with *insert any brand* of camera.”

24. “What do you mean, photography is hard? All you do is press a button!”

25. “Can you make it ‘pop’ a bit more?”

26. “Film is dead.”

27. “You should always use the rule of thirds!” *or any other technical prejudice*

28. “Can you make it look more Instagrammy?”

29. “So will you come to our event and bring your camera?”

30. “What do you mean you don’t care about exposure we have highly active followers?”

31. Friend who you haven’t talked to since High School: “What super nice camera do you suggest for $300?”

32. “Canon or Nikon?”

33. “What lens is that?” (Because none of it matters?)

34. “Can you fix it in post?” *to everything*

Let us know how to enrage you in one sentence in the comments!

  • ManFromGlad

    “This dinner is delicious. You must have a really good oven.”

  • Frederick Johnson

    Can I just pay you half the amount you’re asking for?

  • Jonathan Borland

    What’s your day job?

  • John Orbea

    Three sentences…. “These are brilliant! You should be a full-time pro!” “Would you like to buy some?” “Er… no…”

  • BrianC

    A client looking at a group photo you’ve taken: Can you change the face on that lady at the back so that she has a better smile?

  • Pip Hume

    “Have you got any good shots today?” Eerr well yeah, hopefully, because otherwise there’s another day gone that I can’t get back.

  • Sully

    “You should take a picture of…” and points to something they think is “super cool.” Thanks for the input, non-photo guy, but I think I have a handle on it.

    • Lori Carey

      Had something similar happen today when a random woman on Facebook suggested that I should focus more on the landscape instead of the Jeeps…on a published article for a client who paid for shots of the Jeeps haha! I think I’ll stick with shooting what my client wants and pays for, not what some random person would prefer to see.

  • David

    As I show up to a real estate photo shoot:

    “If there is anything thing that needs to be moved, just move it”…(my silent response only my brain hears: Yes, how about we move this appointment to next Wednesday when you finally clean this mess up!)

    “There is a lot of stuff everywhere, can you crop it out?” (My silent response: Crop? Crop? Do they know what “Crop” means???)

    • felix72

      “Do I look like “F’n” Hazel? ” or substitute Hazel with Mr Belvidere .

  • Russ Heller

    “We need a photographer [no further details about the project] what are your rates?”

    • felix72

      Do you advertise on Craigs list?

  • Bo Dez

    Always respond with another question, something like – can I fck your mum in the a ss?

    • Wiltshirek

      ha ha ha

  • felix72

    If you start the conversation with “Do you have any money ?” usually this can all be avoided. When they tell you “It’ll be great exposure” Drop your pants and “Expose” problem solved.

  • James Jesson

    #31 oh my god.

  • Iryssa

    I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but sometimes I still feel cheesed about the time I was taking a cityscape from the grassy slope above a local bike path, and this guy whizzes by on his bike, covered in helmet and glasses, totally unrecognizable (so I have no idea whether he was some celebrity or what), and shouts “NO PICTURES!”, making all the picnickers nearby stare at me. Yes, buddy, because the camera with a zoom lens on a tripod above your head at a popular cityscape-taking location is TOTALLY going to follow your skinny, sweaty a– on a bike and get a recognizable photo of your backside. And also, who the heck are you again? lmao

    • Jet Yonkin

      Oh yea, I’ve had that happen a lot. Recently I was shooting a house for a real estate agent and the neighbor came out to forcefully point me away and flip me off.

    • PurrfectFire

      I just moved to Spain and was still fascinated by the food culture and all the boats they turned to bbq’s at the beach front. One day I took a close up of the fish on a sick in the fire and as i turned to walk away I got chased after by a woman. She came out of nowhere demanding my camera because i can not just take pictures of people. I told her i didn’t and i only have fish, fire and beach on there, but she kept trying to grab my camera until i showed her my pictures on the back screen. She then said i had a second sd card hidden. Some people just think the world revolves around them…

  • Robin Hart-Jones

    Me: Do you stock any 50mm prime lenses for Nikon?
    Jessops shop assistant: 50 what?
    Me: Just 50mm.
    Jessops shop assistant (with condescending smile): You don’t understand sir. All lenses have two numbers like 50-300. Which ones are you after?
    Me: No. I don’t want a zoom. I want a prime lens. Fixed focal length?
    Jessops shop assistant@ Err prime? Focal length? Err. I don’t think we do anything like that.
    Me: Perhaps your manager will understand?
    Jessops shop assistant: I am the manager.

    No wonder they went bust 🙂

  • Mark Gasque

    When some remotely related relative comes up and says they have a project for you. No intention of compensation and of no interest to you.

    Another favorite “Can you make the pictures look like the (crappy) filter on my phone?”

    When a friend you probably would give a picture to asks if you have some free photos for some other friend of theirs.

  • Angela

    “I’ll get them printed at (insert any store that has a printer), it won’t be as expensive.” Then you see it hanging on the wall and it causes full body twitch because they either look lava warm or iceberg cold. My favorite is when they pick the ones you almost deleted!

  • Michael Clark

    #15 and #29 are the same thing.

  • Wes

    “Good photographers are a dime a dozen.” Customer service manager where I’m employed as a photographer.

  • ZM

    Why did you take that photo?
    You need a project statement!

  • Tim

    Funny thing is, there are plenty enough photography sites out there who *also* say “gear doesn’t matter”, or “a good photographer can make a good photo with anything” – normally as a counter to GAS but that’s hardly the point when the aphorism is false from one side and annoying from the other.