To those outside of the photography world, it may seem like a somewhat easy profession. Just get a good camera and click the button, right? Wrong. Aside from the talent and creativity it requires to be successful, it’s far more than just a camera and some lenses. There are tripods, diffusers, reflectors, lighting, batteries, memory cards, filters, software, the list goes on.

And yet, despite the innovation we’ve seen in photo gear over the past decade, there’s still some simple tech that hasn’t been invented—the kind of thing that would make your life 10 times easier, yet no one has the balls to address. Unless, of course, you’re on Reddit.

Here are eight photo gadgets every photographer wishes was real.

1. L-Brackets that can be taken on and off without any tools.

2. A tripod where the legs don’t sink into the ground.

3. Cost-effective lens hoods that work with 4×4 or 4×6 filters.

4. Ultra lightweight bungee cords to keep tripods from tipping over or standing unevenly.

Source: Chapendra/Flickr via Creative Commons.

5. Spot focusing that isn’t total shit.

Source: Andy Rennie/Flickr via Creative Commons.

6. A self-leveling tripod.

Source: Teresa Trimm/Flickr via Creative Commons.

7. A hot shoe attachment with blinking lights, smiley faces or cute sounds that keep children attentive and prevent them crying while photographing them.

Source: Ellie Nakazawa/Flickr via Creative Commons.

8. Lighter EVERYTHING. Before your back gives out.

Source: Louish Pixel/Flickr via Creative Commons.

[Featured Image: Rodney Campbell/Flickr via Creative Commons.]