Since he was a kid, YouTube star Casey Neistat has been obsessed with the work of Spike Jonze. In his latest vlog, he brings his hero to his studio for the very first time, a meeting 15 years in the making.

The vlog opens with the latest issue of Resource Magazine, featuring our “Relationship Issue” cover story with Casey’s wife, Candice. We’re then given a nostalgic look at Casey’s long-time devotion to Jonze’s work, from clips of The Beastie Boys’ 1994 music video for ‘Sabotage’ to a poetic telling of Casey’s repeated, increasingly frustrated attempts to capture the filmmaker’s throughout his early beginnings, alongside a selection of exclusive family photos and clips from the start of his career.

“The greatest ambition, the greatest goal, the greatest dream I had at that time was to have my own ‘Directors Label’ DVD—to be honored the way Spike Jonze had been honored,” said Casey of the 2004 Palm Pictures feature on Jonze, one of his biggest inspirations of all time.

Casey explains that Jonze was in town for yesterday’s Samsung event, “a spotlight on real creators who embody the meaning of Do What You Can’t,” according to the event invite. He also engraves Jonze’s iPhone 7 by hand.

Watch the video above!

Here are some amazing photos shown in the vlog of Casey as a teenager:

casey-neistat-spike-jones-3 casey-neistat-spike-jones-3 casey-neistat-spike-jones-3

Click here to grab a copy of “The Relationship Issue” of Resource Magazine featuring Candice Neistat, in which she opens up about her relationship with Casey and explains how to survive life married to a vlogger.