One of Instagram’s top meme creators and two-time Webby Award winner George Resch (@Tank.Sinatra), loves to make people laugh. After earning his stripes in the entertainment industry alongside Jay Z and a quick stab at stand up comedy, he started creating quick-witted internet memes in 2015. Reposts from major accounts and huge celebrities quickly gained him tens of thousands of followers and dozens of TV features.

Mario Lopez wrote a glowing testimonial in Resch’s new book.

On March 20th of 2017, the International Day of Happiness, Resch will release his first book, Happy is the New Rich via It’s a collection of “transformational thoughts” he wrote over the course of 10 years. In a press release, the book is introduced as “a serious compilation, with a humorous twist, of his past struggles and how he changed his thought processes to overcome them.”

Resch hopes his 207-page book will help encourage and motivate people to exemplify his credo (the book’s title). With a complete disregard for the art of storytelling, he cuts right down to the core of the issues in this collection of single-page entries, which he calls “lightbulb moments,” for readers who feel stuck in their career, health, relationships, or life in general.

“The majority of information in this book is not recycled from the abyss that is the self-help industry,” Resch stated in a press release. It’s drawn from real life experiences and “filtered through intense self-reflection. What you see in this book is what’s churned out by [my] overactive mind or the well of ideas that have helped [me].”