If you can figure out a way to stand out among Instagram’s 150 million daily active users, chances are you’ll a gather an impressive following. Even if you’re just a small, independent French book store. What we’re referring to is Librairie Mollat, located in Bordeaux, which is on the verge of crossing the 30k follower mark—not really what you’d expect from a small business account.

So how did this happen? Well, they created a unique way to promote their books; they blend their covers with customers and employees. Time and time again it works incredibly well, as these compositions often flirt with 1,000 likes or more.

Another trick the store uses is trivia contests with their followers. Accompanying an image will be: “Which movie? Which director? Time to play!”

Way to mix funny content with engaging posts, guys!

Check Librairie Mollat on Instagram or Facebook.

[via PetaPixel]