Casey Neistat revealed in his latest vlog from April 3 that Jake Roper, producer of Vsauce3, will be joining the team at his company, Beme, as the director of production.

Vsauce3 has over three million subscribers and produces content with a ‘myth busters’ format. Roper asks questions that we’ve all had at some point, and actually tests, proves and uses science to figure out the answer.

Roper has collaborated with Neistat before, and was even featured in one of his vlogs after undergoing surgery for cancer in his leg in 2015. Roper’s channel is “one of the best channels on YouTube,” according to Neistat.

Neistat, with his partnership with Samsung, provided Roper with 360 degree equipment to create the following video, where Roper tackles that question of who we are as individuals, and how we have multiple versions of ourselves.

Roper has a personal channel where he discusses interesting topics and shares his thoughts on some of life’s most difficult subjects. Like Neistat, he prides himself in being a content creator, and similar to his method of filmmaking, Roper’s videos tell a story or spread a message for his audience to think about.

Although the details of Roper’s position and what he will actually be doing as production director is still under wraps, Neistat said next week, he will talk about the Beme secrets that his six million subscribers and counting have been waiting to hear about.