In his latest vlog episodes, Casey Neistat revealed he is again working with Samsung in making a television commercial, but this time, the commercial is being made and produced by content creators.

Neistat teamed up with the late Sourcefed’s William Haynes to recruit other YouTubers for this commercial. During Coachella, Neistat traveled to Los Angeles to shoot with some of the top vloggers on YouTube. This included David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Zane Hijazi, Scotty Sire, and Toddy Smithy. The concept of this commercial is to show “the rest” of this generation’s filmmaking industry, a message Neistat relayed in his first Samsung commercial during the 2017 Oscars in February.

Neistat will be helping Samsung collect short clips from different content creators and edit them into one commercial. These creators will be starring in these clips, as well as creating the ideas behind them. For example, Dobrik filmed the other YouTubers pull a “water bottle prank,” which is something that often happens in his vlog, in a 5-second clip that will be featured in the commercial.

The most important element to the commercial is that all the clips will be filmed on smartphones, meaning no fancy cameras. Just a Samsung Galaxy S8, a production crew and an idea, a formula most content creators today are familiar with.

Haynes shot a quick comedic shower scene for the commercial, and Neistat also met up with YouTubers, Ethan and Hila of h3h3Productions to film a skit for the project. He traveled to Venice Beach and met up with Jesse Welle of the PrankvsPrank channel, and for this particular shot with Jesse, Neistat and his crew created a smartphone drone using equipment one would use for a cinematic camera, but simplifying it to fit a Samsung phone. The drone captured a stunning image of Jesse riding his bike on the beach while filming himself with his phone and selfie stick.

Watch the most recent vlog episode above!