Internationally Acclaimed Photographer Joe McNally is not the type to wait for brilliance or inspiration to strike. Instead, throughout his career, he’s focused on developing a reliable strategy and craft that could be applied to every scenario, client or assignment. He’s created a unique way to make his work stand out, using his method of constant creativity—and a steady stream of income—to live and work by what he calls his “Rolodex of Survival.”

But the good news is he’s not one to keep secrets. In fact, he values photography community as a “pass-it-along” society; he believes in sharing his knowledge to help photographers gain the confidence and versatility needed to shoot in any scenario, and the professionalism needed to handle any client.

This is why he’s partnered with CreativeLive for an in-depth, 16-lesson course, Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography, that can be watched live entirely for free. The class runs from April 5 – 7, covering everything from the technical learnings of a photo shoot to a deeper look at how to conduct business as a career photographer. 

Here are some of the specific things covered in the course:

  • Get an inside look on location, learning how to work with light to capture the story of your subject and their surroundings.
  • Expand your knowledge in a studio setting by using multiple flash units to create various looks.
  • Gain confidence in your career as a photographer by obtaining a better understanding of contracts and relationship management with clients.
  • Learn more about your own work from Joe’s student critiques.

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