Sometimes picking up your camera and getting out to shoot is solely a matter of inspiration, which isn’t always easy to find. This is why we’ve put together a roundup of some of the most insightful photography documentaries to guide you in the right creative direction. Here are 31 inspiring and motivational photo docs every photographer must watch.

1) Arctic Swell – Surfing the Ends of the Earth (Chris Burkard)

 2) Climbing Ice-The Iceland Trifecta (Tim Kemple)

3) Join a Wildlife Photographer on the Hunt for the Perfect Shot (Michel d’Oultremont)

4) David Yarrow Reveals his Photography Secrets – Learn Photography

4) Tales By Light, Netflix Documentary Series

5) The Many Lives of William Klein (2012)

6) Everybody Street (2014)

7) Frame By Frame (2015)

8) Entering New Worlds Through Photography, VICE

9) Imagine-The Colourful Mr. Eggleston

10) The Mysteries – In Pursuit Of The Perfect Shot

11) Cindy Sherman – Nobody’s Here But Me (1994)

12) Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film 2002

13) Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

14) The Salt of the Earth (2014)

15) Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

16) Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters (2012)

17) McCullin Brothers

18) Genius of Photography

19) Bill Cunningham New York

20) Zimbelism

21) Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro (HBO Documentary Films)

22) Silver & Light

23) Eclipse

24) Edward Weston: The Photographer (1948)

25) The Decisive Moment (1973)

26) Pictures from a Revolution (1991)

27) Naked States (2000)

28) Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project (2006)

29) Waste Land (2010)

30) Smash His Camera (2010)

31) The LOMO Camera: Shoot From The Hip (2004)

Think we missed any motivational photography documentaries? Let us know in the comments. If you want to check out more docs, here’s a link to a massive Reddit thread.

[Featured Image: Flickr/via Creative Commons