DJI is bringing a new drone model to market, slated to be revealed at a VIP conference in NYC on Wednesday, May 24. Though the specifics of the event remains a mystery, the announcement teaser lays some hints toward what we can expect. 

In the video above, we see that the device, rumored to be the ‘DJI Spark,’ or the ‘mini-Mavic,’ appears to be a drone small enough to fit inside most carrying bags. Although small, it seems to have excellent control in the air, flying effortlessly through piles of books in a library and high above a canyon, meaning it could have expansive range as well. The video’s emphasis on size suggests that mobility is the central theme of the device, though we still have not seen the body of the device and the company hasn’t released any technical specs for it yet.

This is yet another announcement that expands the company’s catalog of drones and other photographic offerings. Earlier this year, DJI unveiled a new VR headset that allows you to control the camera on a drone by moving your head, creating a first-person real-time experience for users. DJI also has a sequel to the popular Ronin rig releasing later this year.

We will update this post as more information surrounding this product develops.

[via cinema5D]