SID is a miniature 3D camera that recently eclipsed its $25k Kickstarter goal in less than 48 hours, and aims to make 3D storytelling accessible for everyone. The camera is a stereoscopic unit that captures light in two separate lenses, then combines it together afterward. That said, having two lenses so close together could make SID great for producing 3D video without all the complications that come from having more than one camera unit recording.

The camera is about the size of your palm and connects to your smartphone or computer, and can be operated with a gimbal. This expands its capabilities, offering what the company calls “shake-free content creation,” and bringing stereoscopic image-making into a small form factor, unlike most other stereoscopic cameras. The camera can also livestream in 3D, and its standalone app allows you to edit videos directly from your smartphone, which could be useful for vloggers looking to efficiently add a little something extra to their content.

The SID specialties are niche at best and comes at a questionable time for the landscape of VR. However, its saving grace is its affordable price point ($299 MSRP), which could make it a desirable tool for beginners, or for professionals who are just starting explore the capabilities of 3D storytelling.

Click here to check out SID’s Kickstarter campaign and learn more about the SID camera!