Instagram recently launched testing for its new pilot feature, Archive, which allows users to hide—but not permanently delete—any posts published to your profile. For casual users, this is helpful for purging your account of unwanted posts, such as photos with an ex-lover, without deleting the memories for good, and for more serious Instagrammers, it’s ideal for hiding posts that didn’t get enough likes, comments or engagement.

However, this doesn’t mean you no longer have the ability to delete unwanted posts for good—the archive feature is simply there conceal content you no longer want to be public. You also have the option to restore this content to your profile at any given time, as if it was never removed.

The Archive feature is currently in testing and is reported to appear in the top right corner under the three dots ( “…”) tab of your posts. It’s still unknown when this feature will roll out officially.

[via TechCrunch, featured image via Flickr]


  • Fergarama

    For anyone who plans to do this, know that right after you click ‘archive’ to archive a photo, Instagram then boots you back up to the top of your feed, instead of returning you to the place in the feed where the photo you just archived lives. If you want to archive more than one photo from the same time period (or any other ‘older’ time period), you have to scroll all the way back down your feed again, waiting for the page to load, *for every single photo you want to archive*. This makes the new ‘feature’ virtually worthless for anyone wanting to archive more than one photo. And who only wants to archive one photo? So yeah- basically worthless except for those with tons of time to kill. Prisoners with cell phones will *love* this.