The internet is an easy place to get bogged down by the constant influx of sub par images, whether it’s selfies, completely out of context imagery or other Instagram posts that we’re all tired of seeing. Chronicle, however, is trying to change that, offering a platform for collaborative storytelling and a straight-forward way to tell a story through photography.


screengrab via Chronicle

Self-described as a “platform that empowers people with shared experiences and interests to collectively record their stories over time,” Chronicle caters to those interested in photo series that explore a specific topic or theme. Throughout their beta website and app, there’s an array of different “chronicles” that display photos in, well, chronological order. Trending chronicles on the site right now include things like “Urban Art” and “Women’s Rights in the US” or “Flea Market Faces” and “Bicycles.” Another interesting component is that the time period for this imagery spans all the way from the 1800s to now, exhibiting society’s progression from past to present.

The guidelines on the platform are simple—the quality and composition of photos take precedent, as one of the platform’s main goals is to foster a visual community comprised of quality content. They even reserve the right to remove any content that detracts from the “overall user experience.” And, of course, another requirement is chronology. Since the chronicles capture a theme throughout time, the site encourages accurate time stamps, which is no problem for digital photos while scanned images must be manually backdated by the uploader.


screengrab via Chronicle

Chronicle is also working on two community-based projects that focus on recording and sharing what local and school libraries have documented throughout history. ‘The Local Chronicle Project: For Local Libraries’ and ‘The School Chronicle Project: For School Libraries’ encourages library and school staff members to photograph and document their achievements in an effort to showcase the institutions’ history and community.

It will surely be interesting to see what happens if Chronicle manages to take off and emerge from the beta version. For more on Chronicle, check out their site or mobile app.