After months of anticipation surrounding CNN‘s $25 million acquisition of Beme—Casey Neistat’s now-defunct video sharing app—the YouTube star has finally revealed some additional details on what we can expect from this media partnership at the Cannes Lions advertising and media festival.

In short, CNN and Neistat are set to release a daily news show that targets a younger audience compared to traditional news outlets. Beginning with a pilot, the show will begin airing four days a week with the intention of airing shows seven days a week. But this isn’t going to be your typical news show—Casey, who is known for viral, sometimes outrageous video content, isn’t the type of guy who will be reading news from behind a desk. Rather, Neistat will be maintaining his charm, authenticity and style while informing viewers on what they may have missed or may not know, instead of the breaking stuff. Neistat expressed the ambition to start branching out and digging into investigative journalism as well.

Photo by David Johnson for the Fall 2014 Issue of Resource Magazine

CNN Worldwide President, Jeff Zucker, explained to Variety: “We have hundreds and hundreds of reporters and people who can tell video stories, and can stand up there with a mic and trench coat. We don’t need more of those. Neistat has a confidence that allows him to just go for it and not care what I think or anyone else things – just to tell the story.”

Along with the launch of the new show, CNN and Neistat are rebooting the Beme app entirely. The version will be fully interactive, utilizing a new feature called Panels, in which viewers, instead of leaving a comment, will be able to upload 15-second videos in order to share their thoughts and opinions with others.

Staying true to his roots, Neistat expressed that he doesn’t want this to be a glorified news show with big press releases and ad intake. That’s not how he started out, and not the direction he is looking to go with CNN. Yet what CNN does allow him to do is scale his work into something larger than himself—he explained that his daily YouTube viewership peaked at 5 million, so this gives him the opportunity to cultivate an even larger audience.

It is unclear when the show will officially start streaming, but we will update you when it does. Check out Neistat’s most recent vlog below!

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