Fiverr, a company that provides services to freelance entrepreneurs, launched their new “Pro” feature. They also announced their acquisition of, a service for connecting people and companies with videographers. With a past full of somewhat cringe-worthy pranks and stunts routed through Fiverr, the company said they decided to take steps toward higher quality professionalism.

“The Fiverr marketplace has always solved the biggest pain point freelancers have: getting clients and generating income,” said Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman. “As our marketplace has evolved, we’ve recognized the growing demand from entrepreneurs for bigger and more complex projects that sometimes need highly professional freelancers with years of experience. Through Fiverr Pro, we’re bringing professional freelancers an easy way to get work, while adding the high-end, trusted talent entrepreneurs are struggling to tap into.”

The Pro feature will put a star on certain freelancers’ pages on Fiverr deemed as producing high-quality content. The company vets freelancers and will be adding well-known figures such as Elliot Tebele, also known as the infamous @FuckJerry.


Writing and translation, graphics and design, digital marketing and video and animation are all the services that will be provided through Fiverr Pro. For freelancers to receive Pro status they have to first apply for accreditation through Fiverr, at which point they review the user to make sure they meet the criteria for Fiverr Pro.

Tebele specifically will be offering digital services ranging everywhere from meme creation to Facebook ads and Instagram videos.

“We’re an organization that’s always thrived on creativity, and while we engage with tens of millions on a daily basis to spread that creativity, we were also looking for the right opportunity to do it on behalf of a broader audience of businesses in a scalable way,” said Jonathan Horowitz, JerryMedia’s head of business development, in a Fiverr statement. “Working with Fiverr allows us to enable access to our team of world-class creatives in a way that’s never existed, and we’re excited to see how it evolves.”

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