For the sake of convenience, technology has crept its way into pretty much every aspect of our daily lives. This includes directions, communication and, of course, sex. Porn is, in no way, a dying business, and if I had to guess, it never will be. People will always have a sex drive and as long as they do, porn is profitable and advancements are necessary.

PornHub has now launched an interactive tab on its website. In PornHub’s words, the feature is “optimized to provide the most interactive, immersive porn experience.” As of right now, the interactive videos can only connect to the Fleshlight Launch and the Kiiroo Onyx, and the devices must be linked to videos through an app called “Feel Connect.”

via PornHub

via PornHub

The hole in the plan right now, however, is that both of these devices pretty much only cater to men. PornHub has replied to this criticism by promising they are working toward both a wider range of toys that women can benefit from and even VR videos. The devices aimed toward women that could potentially be linked to interactive porn include the OhMiBod, WeVibe, Lovense and Kiiroo.

PornHub has partnered with, company that already provides similar services, to produce the videos and to learn Ufeel’s techniques on how to sync the videos to the sex toys. According to Engadget, the companies have assured customers that the interactive tab will launch with hundreds of clips and at least five new videos every single day.

Ultimately, the success of this feature relies on how wide of a demographic PornHub can reach, as well as the variety of video types and range of sex toys compatible with this technology.

[via Engadget]