Keeping your gear charged can be torture. Different devices require different cables, and at the heart of it all is usually a device that requires wall charging, such as a laptop. But what if there is was an all-in-one solution that covers everything—and with style to boot (that was a battery pun)?

The Crank Juice Box, recently launched on Kickstarter, has set to to be just that. Essentially a sleek, compact power box for all devices and equipment that require charging, it’s capable of charging anything from camera batteries and laptops to even jumpstarting a car.

In the Kickstarter video, Director of Design Nicholas Akerberg said their goal is to create an incredibly lightweight unit, incredibly durable case, the greatest number of applications they could fit into one unit, and provide a game-changing amount of power. This includes support for the likes of Apple MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Android Phones, Google Phones, PC Laptops, camera support, professional cameras and even new generation computers with USB C.

Crank has also taken other steps to accommodate professional photographers. According to the Kickstarter page, the company has partnered with the production studio at RGG EDU “to build a battery suitable for creatives and professionals…to improve the build quality that allows the battery to charge devices like Sony FS5’s and Canon C100’s.” To do this, they’re working on what they call the Crank Cage, which allows creatives to attach the battery to a wide-range of cameras via 1/4 20 screws, providing up to 14 hours of continuous battery time, depending on the device.

The Crank Juice Box Kit includes:

  • Your Choice Of Black or Orange Crank Juice Box
  • Jumper Cables For Your Car
  • USB Wall Charger
  • USB Cigarette Lighter Charger
  • 3 Generations Of Apple Chargers For Apple Laptops
  • Charger Cable For The Crank
  • 8 Adapters For Various PC and Electronic Inputs
  • The 4 Cables Squid. Thunderbolt, Micro USB, Mini USB, & Apple iPhone & iPad 30 Pin
  • Connector (Old School)
  • Hard Travel Case For Crank & Accessories (see Below)
  • Crank Battery Size is 18000 mAh
  • Flashlight Built Into Crank

Additional Tech Specs: 

  • 3 Settings Continous, SOS, Strobe
  • Capacity 18000MAH
  • Applicable Engine Type: <6.0 L Gasoline & <2.5L Diesel
  • Output Voltage At Auto Start End: 12V
  • Output Voltages: 8.4V/2.1A 12V/2A; 16V/3.5A; 19V/3.5A
  • Dual USB Outputs: 5V 2.1A • Start Current: 600A
  • Peak Current: 750A(<3S)
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
  • Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V/1A
  • LED Power: 1W (White)
  • LED Light Modes: 3 (Steady-SOS-Strobe)
  • Cycle Life: > 1000 Times
  • Operation Temperature Range: -20 Degrees C to 80 Degrees C\
  • Product Size: 180x86x43 mm
  • N.W: 1.5 Lbs or .68 KGS
  • ertificate: CE ROHS FCC
  • UL Listed Battery Jumper Clamps

The Crank Juice Box has currently raised $18,069 of its $50,000 goal and funding will run through Sept. 2. Visit the Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and click here to see behind-the-scenes imagery from the product development phase!