Filtering through the plethora of cameras to find the one that caters specifically to the action shots you want to capture can be daunting. Whether you’re shooting a lightning storm, sports event or underwater, it’s beneficial to compare and contrast multiple cameras depending on their features and their prices.

This recently created website,, offers an extensive list of features that the user can specify what exactly they’re looking for in a camera. Everything from 360-degreeĀ capabilities to memory capacity to shooting modes like time lapses and time bursts.

Screengrab via Action Camera Finder

On the home page of the website there is a long list of cameras and their specifics. The “action camera comparison table” currently has about 30 cameras listed. The features on the left side of the page allow users to search for specific manufacturers, video/photo resolutions, price, etc. The website also links online reviews of each camera featured on the page.

The site also has a “My Saved” page that allows users to save cameras they’re interested in once they’ve sorted through their preferred camera features. The user just has to click the “save camera” link on the homepage camera list, and it automatically saves to your list.

Screengrab via Action Camera Finder

On the website “about” page, there are steps that the website creator advises users follow to use the site to its best ability. The steps say:

1. Go through the filters one by one and select the filters and things you want in a camera, click Apply.

2. This will remove cameras that don’t have the same features you are after and leave those that you are interested in looking at.

3. Now click the column’s titles that are sortable and they will re-organise the table and sort it based on what feature you clicked.

4. If you clicked on battery life, it will sort the whole table with the action camera with the longest battery life at the top.

5. Once you are interested in a few or you have found the camera for you and your needs, you can check that cameras price online and save that camera to your own saved camera section.

Since the website is relatively new both the camera list and the list of specs is still expanding. The website creator posted the Kickstarter on reddit, and it has been met with positive reviews and constructive criticism.