A photographer and location scout for films and other productions, Edward French, 71, was shot and killed at the Twin Peaks viewpoint in San Francisco early Sunday morning.

The victim was allegedly shot during a robbery by a man who appeared to be in his 20s and a woman in her late teens, according to witnesses. The suspects approached the photographer around 7:50 a.m., shot him, stole his camera and fled to a dark gray Honda Accord, said San Francisco police spokesman Robert Rueca to SFGate.

Jeff Sheehy, the San Francisco supervisor who represents District Eight, said he knew French through the city’s film production community, according to SFGate.

“This killing is really tragic,” Sheehy told SFGate. “It’s obviously not safe at Twin Peaks. This was at 8 a.m. on Sunday. I’m very concerned about it.”

French had been taking pictures of the sunrise from the lookout point when he was robbed, said his Eureka Valley neighbor. A jogger was the first to find French after hearing the gunshot. They performed CPR before the paramedics arrived and he was taken to San Francisco General Hospital.

Multiple other incidents have occurred at the Twin Peaks lookout spot recently. Three men were shot in the area in February 2016; two of them died. On July 1 this year Bay Area residents were robbed at gunpoint while taking pictures.

On Monday, the photographer’s family and friends gathered at his apartment not far from the spot French was shot. They asked for privacy, SFGate reported.

[via SFGate, featured image via David Yu]

  • Jason Howe

    Horrible. I was just up there this past Feb. That is too beautiful a location for something this ugly to happen.

  • Chris Borgman

    Hmm, so much for a Sanctuary City. Anyone still living in SF, LA or most of CA should come to expect this outcome as normal.

    • BlankedyBlankBlank

      So… you are jumping to a conclusion that this was done by illegal immigrants? Seems pretty dumb of you, especially when the descriptions of the persons the police are searching for are black. From another blog.

      “Police are seeking a black male between 20 and 25 who’s approximately 5’11, weighs 170 pounds and has shoulder-length dreadlocks, as well as a black female, approximately 17–18 years old, 5’3 and 120 pounds.”

      • theliberator

        I think his remark is commentary on the fact that SF is a sanctuary for criminals… as their actions, more often than not, go unpunished.

        • BlankedyBlankBlank

          Whatever. I clicked on his profile. All of his comments are hatred and off base of the reality to the subject he is posting about.

          • stillcaring

            So you are saying they can’t be illegal because they are Black????

          • BlankedyBlankBlank

            Come on… You stated n a factual manner that they were illegal immigrants with no factual information to back it up. You are the problem not the solution.

          • stillcaring

            I never once said they were illegal. But the truth does not seem to matter to you.

        • heidi_solanki

          Perhaps better gun control would make America a safer country. …instead of the country in the “western world” with the highest rate of gun related deaths. I know it’s written in your 240 year old constitution that you have the right to bear arms. ….but it is afterall 2017.

          • theliberator

            Words are far more dangerous with the advent of radio, television and the internet… we should probably have better speech control as well.

      • stillcaring

        When lawlessness is applauded, lawlessness prevails. many feel if illegals are free, why shouldn’t law breaking Americans be. (color doesn’t matter in this equation)

  • tim jones

    Crime is out of control

  • Trainee Christian

    Well, that which has happend has definatly changed my mind of going back to San-francisco for a photo shoot.

  • Hi, I’m Roger

    This is a terrible tragedy. Ed was great scout and we used him on multiple jobs. He was part of our photo community for a long time and will be missed.

  • alsoagrandma

    People don’t seem to have any decency or respect for human life anymore. Not long ago most murderers were the only murderers, not usually thieves unless it was a bank. Now people will murder you over anything to get that drug fix.

  • rockman8

    Time to really start paying attention to who is around you at all times especially photographers carrying expensive gear and ir you are older, a woman, or anyone who this new breed of cowardly hit and run predators may perceive as vulnerable.

  • I’m not a sociologist, but I believe there’s a widespread epidemic of desensitization to human interaction and respect for human life amongst younger generations. Kids grow up on the internet, video games, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, etc…forging relationships electronically…not face-to-face.

    Without experiencing all that comes with real social interaction, understanding and respecting the true value of human life is lost on some of them.