This week on Good Mythical Morning (GMM), crew members Mike and Alex put a drone to the test with the “Pizza Drone Challenge.”

Mike and Alex, who gained popularity via the GMM audience, and are now hosts of their of YouTube Show, Ten Feet Tall, which is uploaded to GMM’s third channel, This Is Mythical.

In this challenge, Mike and Alex put their drone flying abilities to the test, using different colored pepperoni slices to indicate different pizza toppings, which range from absurdly weird to tasty. It is up to them to land on the right slice, in order to indulge in a pleasant-tasting pizza.

Throughout the almost 12-minute long video, they take turns guiding each other over the pizza platform. Each round, the pizza toppings change and each topping corresponds with a different color on the pizza landing platform. Ranging in foods from mushrooms to muskrat, their drone landing skills have to be nothing but accurate.

On GMM, the regular host’s, Rhett and Link (who are currently filming for Season 2 of their YouTube Red series, Buddy System) have an unlucky history of eating things out of the norm. Ranging from spiders, to pigs feet, it’s no shock that Mike and Alex will be dealt a rough fate if landing the drone on the wrong spot.

Watch the video above to see if Mike and Alex’s drone skills were enough to keep them from eating the nastiest and strangest pizza toppings. Some would argue that even when pizza’s bad, it’s still pretty good, but in this case, that’s far from accurate.