Profoto has been world-renowned for creating some of the best lighting kits in the world for photographers everywhere. However, their kits are often considered premium in both price and size. They change that design today with the Profoto A1, a speedlight-sized system that packs a lot of power and versatility.

At 76Ws the Profoto A1 is designed with speed and versatility in mind, allowing for 9 f-stops of power range, and up to 350 full powered shots from the hot-swappable Lithium-Ion battery.  Said battery also provides a 1.2 second recycle time at full power, and exceptionally faster numbers at lower numbers – an impressive and must have feat for event and wedding photographers.

Additionally, the Profoto A1 works as a replacement to the Profoto Air remote, allowing you to control all of your Profoto branded lights with ease.  With the Profoto Air Remote costing $420 on its own, one can use that as a clue to what the price of this unit might be when it’s released. The Profoto A1 also has many of the same features you’d find on a traditional premium speed light – High-Speed Sync, TTL functionality, and a zoomable head.

But what makes the Profoto A1 the most impressive is the circle head. The new head design allows for even coverage and falloff from the light, giving you significantly better control of your light spread from the head when compared to a speedlight. And with built-in magnets, the head provides many unique add-ons and modifiers that are easily swapped and attached.

There is no set price or release date on the Profoto A1, but we’re expecting that news to be coming soon.