“Vuze has the potential to revolutionize the way people take, share, and experience pictures and video,” Bin-Nun says.

The Vuze virtual reality camera is a one-stop, one-click camera used for capturing human experience. It was created by HumanEyes Technologies with ergonomic and uncomplicated functions. The practicality behind the product is to be expected considering it’s ultimately for consumers rather than professionals. Through generating true VR content, Vuze is the all-in-one source for archiving experiences and moments. This camera is a good place to begin your journey into the world of VR, and considering what it offers and includes, virtual reality can be in the palm of your hands at only $799.This compact and lightweight device (12cm across and 3cm tall) is dust and splash resistant, making it ideal for travel and everyday use. With a range of colors to choose from, a spherical design, 4 microphones, and a whopping 8 full HD cameras with an ISO range of 100-1600 built-in, we are hyped. All footage is captured in 4k, and 2D stills are indeed achievable through one click. The Vuze is meant to seize all visual and auditory senses in your natural environment.The package also includes a VR goggles, selfie stick, tripod, and access to the Vuze’s studio software.The software is very user-friendly thanks to its “adaptive blending” feature which intuitively merges your many images together. The blending process replicates the way the human eye sees an image, which is far different than the conventional linear and blunt stitching techniques that we’ve more commonly seen. One major perk and time-saver is that Vuze’s software will also self-edit and correct images and videos. Not to mention, the videos are said to only take one minute to process, making them quickly available for viewing through your paired mobile device. Cropping and trimming can be done through your phone, but you are unable to do technical editing, and if desired you would have to use Windows or a desktop app. In other words, this may not be the product for Mac users. However, Vuze does claim to be compatible and supported by all virtual reality platforms including 3D televisions. This slick device might not cut it for all the new crops of VR pros but it’s a great starter device for those who are looking to break into the upcoming field of VR content.