In an age where the average Instagram user spends about 30 minutes a day surfing the app, we are bound to grow tired of the same faces, poses and places that clutter our newsfeeds. With over 700 million accounts to explore, it can be difficult to locate the ones who produce innovative, inspiring, or just plain aesthetically pleasing content to liven up your feed. Here are some awesome accounts to follow that will inspire creativity and have you scrolling for hours:


Petra Collins @petrafcollins

Petra Collins, a Canadian artist specializing in photography and directing, is sure to fill your feed with captivating content and recognizable faces (the likes of Selena Gomez, Tyler the Creator and Chance the Rapper). With an intimate style, Petra’s photos feel like looking straight into the eyes of her subject through close-ups, thoughtful angles and a distinct color/lighting aesthetic.



Mariano Peccinetti @marianopeccinetti

Mariano Peccinetti’s account is packed with his unusual, thought-provoking content, most of which feature humans engaging in regular activity…but in outer space. While this psychedelic art may sound daunting, his work is sure to spark the development of deeper ideas and inspire all, from those looking to step out of their comfort zone to those who just want to see some really dope artwork.


Kevin Russ @kevinruss

Kevin Russ’s account, consisting of stunning landscape photos, features everything from foggy mountain peaks and clear rivers to wildlife across a desolate terrain to flower-covered hills and blue skies. If you are itching to get your fill of earth’s natural beauty, look no further—this account will leave you with a sense of wanderlust and a desire to explore the uninhabitable world.


Chloe Wise @chloewise_

Chloe Wise, an NYC based artist, is constantly producing new works—her collections often merge food and the human body, resulting in a style that is alluring, provocative and entirely unique. This feed is never dull, and though her art is the main attraction, Chloe gives insight regarding her experience as a curator that is sure to influence any dormant, creative mind.


Kirby Jenner @kirbyjenner

Though the true identity of Instagram personality, Kirby Jenner, remains a mystery, this hilarious alter-ego feels incredibly real, with seamlessly photoshopped images of Kendall Jenner and her twin brother attending fashion events, modeling shoot or just hanging around. For a guy merely posing as the famous model’s twin brother, Kirby’s feed will certainly have you wondering if the famous model really does have brother we all never knew about.

Ian Barin @ianbarin 

As a newcomer to the photography scene, Ian Barin has already made a mark with his lively depictions of cultural life from cities across the world. With colors that pop and contrast with their backgrounds and a wide spread of content, you’ll spend hours surfing Ian’s feed for a dose of diverse, worldly beauty and travel inspiration.


Paulo Octavious @pauloctavious

Paulo Octavious’ work doesn’t adhere to a singular category, but instead pulls from a wide variety of subjects and inspirations. His feed features photos depicting humanity in its many forms—our bodies, our actions, our words—through thoughtful color combinations and a diverse set of faces.