Apple introduced a new feature to the photo-taking experience with the iPhone 6: The Live Photo. With the newest iOS 11 software update, utilizing the feature is easier than ever.

What is a Live Photo?

The Live Photo is a series of burst photos that come together in a 3 second “video”. Instead of your basic one-shot deal, the feature captures the visual and audio of the 1.5 seconds before and after the single frame is taken, so when you hold a finger down to the screen it gives off the appearance that your photo is moving.

What can you do with it?

Apple only recently added the ability to edit live photos with it’s iOS 11 software update, making it possible to play around with the advantages of the feature. There are a few things to do with the live photo:

  1. Choose a still shot. Sometimes the actual still frame, or the “key photo”, of a live photo doesn’t do the moment justice, but the millisecond before would have. You can easily select a different frame that better suits your liking. Simply click the live photo, and select “edit” in the top right corner of the screen. You will then be able to view each frame and set whichever you like as the key photo, which can then be saved as a still image.
  2. Turn it into a GIF. If you like the live photo’s entire sequence, you can turn it into a GIF instead of choosing a singular frame. The iPhone Photo app offers two options, to access these simply swipe up on the live photo where you can then choose either Loop or Bounce. Loop is essentially exactly what it sounds like—the gif loops the sequence so you can watch it over and over again. Bounce differs slightly, instead of looping the video from beginning to end, it uses the “boomerang” effect, meaning it plays the video beginning to end and then in reverse, which repeats on a loop.
  3. Make it a long exposure shot. This feature essentially blends each individual frame into an single photo, giving the picture a blurred effect—great for landscape/nature shots. You can do this the same way you’d make a GIF, by swiping up on the live photo and selecting the Long Exposure option.
  4.  Turn it off. The live photo feature is an innovative addition to iPhone photos, but the extra data makes a live photo nearly double the file size of a regular photo. If you are trying to conserve on data and this feature isn’t for you, simply go to a live photo and tap the yellow circle in the top center of the screen. If it turns white, this means the live photo feature has been turned off.