With Halloween approaching, you must be wondering where in the hell you can get some creepy photographs. Resource has got you covered! I decided to run around the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn on a drear afternoon in search of the most fitting locations for some spook-worthy shots.

The Oculus Building – Something about this building is so menacing, especially behind the camera lens. The design and infrastructure of the exterior and interior are equally insane from a distance and it resembles a villain’s space ship. Plus one of the oldest graveyards in New York sits right across the street. Must I go on?

St. Paul’s Chapel – After you shoot the Oculus’ crazy angles, cross the street into this creepy old graveyard and chapel built in 1776. One of New York’s oldest landmarks, restored for tourists to casually stroll through for gazing at their own caution. There is something about this cemetery that always gives me the heebie jeebies and these pictures are sure to make your neck hair stand straight-up.

Letchworth Village– Even though it’s outside new york city’s borders, there was no way we couldn’t mention Letchworth. A notorious now abandoned mental ward in upstate New York, known for being the home to many epileptic and feeble minded individuals. It had been way over-crowded, and there were many claims of it being the center of neglect, awful conditions, and experimental abuse before it closed down in 1996. The story behind Letchworth is chilling and you can see it plainly through any lens. 

John Street United Methodist Church – I spotted this rustic church from far away, and was drawn to explore inside of it. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, it seemed to be closed down and/or abandoned. There had been a courtyard to the side of it, which was sort of out of place in the middle of NYC bustling streets. It sat quite and there was a weird sense of company that I personally felt was present. Maybe that’s just me, but for your own sanity, check it out and take some scary pictures too.

Green-wood Cemetery – Last but certainly not least. I must say this is one of coolest places I’ve had the chance to roam. It’s not your typical cemetery, with timeless monuments and castle-like buildings placed throughout the grounds. Not to mention, it is supposedly Brooklyn’s highest point. There’s so many hills, slopes, and high points to shoot from. Overall this place is just beautifully creepy and thanks to it, getting spooky shots is a breeze.