We all could use a push in the right direction, to get our business’ to their greatest potential. We require our work flow to be in the right soil for sprouting, with a light to feed it, and also enough water to help it branch off. All these raw materials compiled is what helps the business grow, and there are many different ways to retrieve such resources. It’s best to gain these needed assets from the experts that already have a full grown business that continues to bloom, so sit back and soak this list in.

Brandon Stanton – We all love and adore Humans Of New York, but some of you may not know the man behind the growing phenomenon. Stanton’s street photography is mostly based in New York City and his add-on story behind each image really set him apart from the overwhelming amount of other street photographers. He sure is a humble dude, and we don’t think he ever really thought that his idea would sky-rocket to the success it is now. We’ve got a lot to learn from Stanton, so check out all the videos and podcasts with him featured in hopes of one day being as successful and fulfilled as him.

Grant Baldwin – Baldwin is a renowned speaker, author, and entrepreneur mostly known from his podcast, The Speaker Lab Podcast. He really makes it a point to inform his listeners, that he is just a normal guy, in the same world we all work and live in. With that in mind, his podcast is relatable and his suggested goals are not too challenging to accomplish. His main focus is “to help other people find and pursue work they love”, so make sure to give this guy a listen, because it’s sure to benefit your overall business strategies with tangible advice.

Gary Vaynerchuk – The ultimate inspirational speaker, who will give you straight-forward and blunt advice that is personal to your situation. Vaynerchuk does it all, from photography, to owning a booming business, and being one of most sought out public speakers today. He has plenty of best-selling books out there for you to take note from and if you’re not into reading or have time for it, check out his podcast, “The GaryVee Audio Experience”.

Eric Kim – Known for his POV street photography clips where he simply straps a GoPro onto his camera and roams cities, taking portraits of all the characters he comes in contact with. His youtube channel features some BTS videos of his street photography workshops, plus a bunch of product reviews and tips for the photographers in need. Not to mention, he’s young, seems to have it all figured out, and his creative enthusiasm is super inspirational. Also, even if your skills don’t lie in street photography, Kim still has many take home tips to sprout your business.

Mike Browne – If you haven’t subscribed to his youtube channel, “Photoexposed” already, you’re behind in the game. Brown has an array of great tutorials and workshops that include fairly uncomplicated tips and techniques for the beginner photographer or the photographer who’s hoping to brush up his skills. Let Brown be your photography coach, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Tedd Forbes – Forbes focuses mainly on the world of photography through education. Crowd funding the “Artist Series” gave him the opportunity to travel the world and interview some of the best photographers out there. These interactions enabled Forbes to take all the compiled information from the experts and bless people’s brains with some great advice on photography. Also his youtube channel “The Art of Photography”, is widely watched and appreciated throughout the photography community.

Evan Carmichael – Carmichael’s website is a gold mine for all your business inquiries. With tips on how to be successful, how to manage, and how to maintain you can really patch up any holes your business is exposed to. The beautiful thing about his site and youtube channel is that it includes advice from so many different famous and successful individuals. Plus, he isn’t just a one man band, and we can appreciate his ability to hand the mic over to other well-informed professionals.

Lewis Howes – As a full-time entrepreneur and instructor at CreativeLive, we already have all the faith in Howes to inspire our business journey. He encounters the creative community daily, and his unique way of educating through experience, is highly respected. Howes has a way with motivating others and his ability to incorporate some trusted alias on his podcast and youtube channel gives a range of great advice to choose from.


Andrew Lock and Chris Farrell – “Help My Business!” is an amazing weekly web TV show that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners acquire resources to build a better business. They push the need for business owners to really stand out of the crowd. Furthermore, Lock, has plenty of books out there that will answer all you business questions. Their costumes, the props, and stage set up is hilarious and it really makes business not such a boring subject, which helps. This team has spazz, and their advice seems to be super unconventional compared to others, so for your benefit check out “Help My Business”.

Lara Jade – An insanely talented and successful fashion, portrait, and advertising photographer that kick-started her career at age 17. She has a youtube channel, that showcases some of her own BTS of her shoots, plus educational work-shops. With her age in mind, and her work featured in many big-time fashion and photography magazines, she is definitely worth looking over.

Well folks, we hope all the people mentioned not only help your business grow to it’s greatest potential, but also maintain after all the leaves bloom. Keep on keeping on, and make sure to be inspired and influenced every damn day.