Photographic portraiture, a phenomenon that’s been buzzing since the dawn of cameras and still a booming business, today. One thing is certain about this art: as long as there’s cameras and faces to capture, it will always be in style. The beauty behind it, is undoubtedly always the subject, their eyes gazing at the camera, and the essence of their character spilling onto an image. It helps to be familiar with some of the masterminds behind portrait photography, and you can thank us later for providing a list of some of the best to focus on today.

Sue Bryce – Bryce’s portraits are timeless, elegant, and simply drop-dead gorgeous. As a 25-year portrait photography veteran with a sole focus on photographing and empowering women, we’d expect nothing less. Bryce has a staggering amount of well deserved awards under her heels, and also is highly admired as an educator and speaker. She truly is a woman warrior that produces stunning glamour shots that are even more charming than the next. In short, Bryce’s portraits compel you to fall in love with her divine fem subjects; just dare to look for yourself on her Instagram.

Lee Jeffries – A proclaimed genius in capturing the realness behind any street dweller. His heavy handed editing techniques bring out his own personal flare to every picture. Darkening shadows and emphasizing light makes his subject pop, and their emotions visible. He makes every wrinkle on a person’s face tell a story, rather than de-beautify them. His portfolio includes a wide majority of homeless people, and with their struggle showcased, he also helps raise money to support them, through entering their images in competitions. His Instagram is insanely beautiful and filled with images that will make your jaw drop. To no surprise, Jeffries’ work won the Amateur Photographer magazine award contest, not one time but three. His work is raw and one of a kind, and it doesn’t get much better than this.

Joe McNally – First glance at McNally’s work leaves you with a taste for more. He does a spectacular job at photographing people in their natural element. If he is going to shoot a fire-fighter, best believe he wants the subject in full gear with a look that reads “i’m here to save you”. These hobbies, passions, and workflows incorporated in his photos, definitely separates him from other portrait photographers. Check out his Instagram to stalk all of McNally’s juicy photographs.

Chase Jarvis – Yup, we’re mentioning Jarvis again in a post of ours, frankly because he is a well-rounded individual with so much knowledge to drop on any creator. His portraits are clear, and his aesthetic is appealing to any onlooker. Not to mention, some of his subjects, are people you may just know from world of fame. Each portrait has a sense of serenity and intimacy with the camera, along with a little ‘Jarvis jazz’, to help people identify his signature style.

Michael Muller – You could call Muller one of the best celebrity portrait photographers today, and almost all will agree. There is not an A-list celebrity he hasn’t shot, and he’s been in the game for quite some time now. From Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Megan Fox, Ethan Hawk, to Ben Stiller, he’s done it all. Enough said, this guy is a freaking genius portrait photographer, so make sure to follow his every move on, Instagram.

Joey Lawrence – If i were to describe Lawrence’s portrait photography with one word, it would be ‘powerful’. He has a way with producing both heavy-hearted and light-hearted content, and we can appreciate the polar opposites of each. He will shoot a Danny Devito in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” portrait one day, then a resident face of a war-zone the next, making his portrait portfolio quite unique and diverse. For more of his breathtaking work, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Zack Arias  Arias most certainly has a thing for photographing what some would say is dark and moody. His portraits are beautiful, because it’s not always a smile that makes a portrait, but sometimes a frown, to express truth. Plenty of his portraits are racy and definitely controversial, with hidden messages that are sure to tip your curiosity. His Instagram is worth a follow, and many likes.

Erik Almas  There is something so whimsical about Almas’ photos, considering some truly resemble a dream world we’d all like to escape to. His portraits are soft, yet dramatic, detailed, yet simple. It’s clear that Almas takes the time to get to know his subject before assembling the story he wants to portray behind them. We appreciate his time and effort, and if you follow him on his Instagram, you will to.

Jeremy Cowart – In 2014, Cowart was titled “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” by Huffington Post, Forbes and Yahoo. He’s got plenty of crispy glazed portraits under his belt, and his devotion to all around good photography is inspiring. Currently, he’s been really experimental with the use of light, color, and other photography techniques. These mods have really transformed his content, just let his Instagram, explain it for itself.

Steve McCurry – We’ve all seen the National Geographic photo of the beautiful “Afghan Girl” with striking emerald eyes. If you haven’t, you need to check yourself and explore more of McCurry’s famous portrait photography. Almost all of his images leads you first to the subject’s eyes that speak to you, and where you may just stay in awe of for hours. Bless yourself with some more eye-gazing portraits on McCurry’s Instagram.

Joel Santos – Santos sure captures some robust images and without any need to direct his subject’s expression. He is an expert at finding the right moment of sincerity and because of it, his photos are natural and only require human and soul to strike gold. Follow his Instagram in order to really understand what his portraits offer.

David Lazar – A young nomad photographer, with a great eye for capturing the perfect portrait in any part of the world. Lazar’s images are colorful and full of life, just have a look at the magic yourself on his, Instagram.

Eric Lafforgue – Not only does Lafforgue shoot raw and astonishing portraits, but he also shares a narrative behind a majority of the faces on his website. This gesture, shows his appreciation and respect for each of his subjects. They supply him with art, and in return he puts love and time into presenting their story. Scroll through his Instagram, to see more of his masterpieces.

Jimmy Nelson – Nelson has been producing some breathtaking images, since 87′, and we are happy to have him in the scene. After years of experience in photography, it’s to no surprise that his images are seamless and almost close to perfect. He takes us to the exact moment of where and when the photo was taken, almost as though we are experiencing a meet and greet with his subjects. In many ways, this is what photography is supposed to provide and Nelson’s Instagram will leave you in complete awe.

 Manny Librodo – Librodo makes it a point to really dramatize his portraits, through captivating angles and soft light. He is certainly taking this area of photography to the next level, and we know you’ll agree. Librodo’s Instagram, shed’s light on new age portrait photography, so give don’t hesitate to give him a follow.

Rehahn– Behind each of Rehahn’s portraits embodies what it means to capture the perfect candid. What he shoots, is what you see, with or without an image to prove so, and his subject’s smiles are always genuine and contagious. Check his Instagram out for more natural human expression.

Lisa Kristine – A lady who knows what she’s doing when it comes to portrait photography. She is a total beast at capturing sacred and intimate moments, and we give her the portrait stamp of approval. Kristine is even able to surface her subjects emotions by just photographing the back of their heads, which isn’t an easy task. If you don’t believe it, just check out her Instagram to see the numinous moments she captures.

Let’s hope after this list you will be more familiar with all the killer portrait photographers out there. Their work is sure to inspire you and give you all the knowledge to start photographing some beautiful and unique faces.