With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start your search for the perfect gifts for friends and family. Though everyone loves the look of presents under the Christmas tree, we can’t forget about those perfectly decorated stockings that hang above the fireplace, ready to be stuffed full of little treats.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 must-have stocking stuffers for all the photography lovers in your life:

1. Fujifilm Mini Instant Film

This film is compatible with Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 9 Camera, and comes in color, black&white, or rainbow frame.



2. Atmosphere Aerosol

This spray provides on-the-spot fog for photographers looking to change up their photo look.



3. Kodak Negative Film

This film provides high saturation images with fine grain structure for those looking for an old-school photo experience.



4. Peak Design Wrist Strap

This strap allows for movement and flexibility while providing protection with a steady grip on your camera.



5. Camera Lens Thermos

This thermos is perfect for those photographers that can’t begin their day without a warm cup of coffee.



6. Manfrotto Mini Tripod

This tripod is compact and light-weight, making it the perfect choice for photographers on-the-go.



7. LED Camera Keychain

This little keychain is a great token of love to any photographer, and even has a shutter you can press for fun.



8. Lenspen

This compact lens cleaner is a must-have tool in anyone’s collection of photo gear.



9. Camera Cookie Cutter

These cookie cutters merge photography and baking, making it a great choice for photo-lovers with a sweet tooth.



10. Photo Clip String Set

This string set is a fun and easy way to display your photos for all to see.



11. Moment iPhone Case

This phone case takes iPhone photography to the next level with a built-in lens that’ll make you feel like you’ve got hold of an actual camera.



12. Polaroid Camera Post-It Dispenser

This is a perfect little gift for those photographers with an office/studio space.



13. Collapsible Reflector Discs

This set of reflector discs provide instant lighting fixes in the easiest way possible.



14. Camera Rainsleeve

The rainsleeve camera cover makes shooting in any weather condition a possibility.



15. Gorillatorch Tripod Flashlight

This awesome lighting tool is light-weight and can wrap around any surface, meaning you never have to forfeit light quality again.



16. Photo Clip String Lights

These string lights take the metal photo clips up a level by adding a nice glow to your displayed photos.



17. GoPro Floating Hand Grip

The Floating Hand Grip is essential for all go-pro users who want to capture adventures in the water.



18. Photography T-Shirt

There a dozens of photography t-shirts to choose from, so you can let the world know you’ve got a love for photos even when a camera isn’t hanging from your neck.



19. Snack Cap Lens Cap

These lens caps are a cute and fun way to spice up your camera’s look.



20. iPhone Telephoto Lens

This attachable lens comes with a photo case that is sure to take your iPhone photography to new places.



21. Altura Camera Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit is a must-have, with all the right tools for keeping your photo gear in the best condition.



22. Camera Roll Toilet Paper Cover

This toilet paper cover is a fun gift for photography fanatics who want to flaunt their photo-love…even in the bathroom.



23. Sony Polarizing Filter Kit

This filter kit is an awesome addition to any camera gear collection, with minimal hassle in achieving an all-new image look.



24. Miniature Camera Pendant

This little pendant is a sweet token of love for anyone who holds photography near to their hearts.



25. BlackRapid Breathe Camera Strap

This camera strap is an awesome choice for photographers who are in constant action and often shoot on-the-go.



26. Canon Wireless Remote Control

Photographers will never have to miss a group photo again with this remote that lets you control shutter even when you aren’t behind the camera.



27. Pocket Photo Album

This tiny photo album is great for displaying pictures of the people you love in an album you can carry anywhere.



28. Aerial Photo Puzzle

This is an awesome gift for game lovers, with the added bonus of cool aerial photography.



29. Rocket Blaster Dust Removal Tool

This is an essential tool for ensuring you have the best quality images possible.



30. easyCover Silicone Protection Cover

This is a good addition to any camera gear collection, for added safety to your beloved equipment.