Every photographer could use different resources to make pursuing their passion and/or business easier and less complicated. Us creatives cherish loopholes and other options to lessen the work-load, and we are always on the lookout for the newest. We’ve compiled five different apps to help get you started, so make sure to try out as much as you can or all if possible.

PhotoPills – Don’t miss out on the perfect time and place to shoot what you desire, ever again. This app acts like your own personal assistant for all your photography needs. It calculates rise and set times of the sun and moon, so you can chase any sunset or moonrise accordingly. The app also computes equivalent exposures with different filters, during night time and in low light. Also the best part is: you can submit your photos within the app and win amazing rewards or have your work featured on their Instagram as their ‘PhotoPillar’ of the day.

DarkSky – This weather app is a super accurate way to know when rain or snow will begin or end down to the minute, exactly where you’re standing. You will receive all notifications on any weather mishaps you should prepare for before you start your journey to do some outdoors photography.

Adobe Lightroom – This is an obvious, and you know why. For those always on the go, this is the perfect time-saver. Edit your photos on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. Also something different about the desktop version, is the built-in-camera, that makes it possible to shoot Raw DNG files (which will help the transfer of image process be a walk in the park). Must i go on?

Easy Release App – For those times you want to shoot contracted models, Easy Release is a must-have. Instead of dealing with printing contracts, this app lets professionals sign releases right on the spot through any mobile device. What could be more convenient?

Instagram – In order to get your work out there for the whole world to see, you will always get Instagram as a suggestion. It is one of the biggest social media platforms today, from your everyday photographer to well-known people in the bizz. If you’re producing great content in this apps feed, you will be sure to gain a respectable following, and it will only grow from there. Furthermore, it’s a great place to get inspired considering all the photography content posted, so start brainstorming that legendary handle now.