The biggest cheat day of all, Thanksgiving. A day of indulgence and decadence in the warm company of friends and family. Let us gives thanks to food galore, smiles all around, and bloated bellies by capturing some worthy photos of it all. I mean, if there’s no picture, did it really happen? Either way, Resource is here to help you optimize these special and savory moments with our very own list of simple tips and tricks anyone can follow. Perfect The Perspective – Thanksgiving spreads can be a substantial amount of different dishes. It’s key to display all of them in a flattering angle, considering the time and effort behind each dish. Grandma would be pissed, if her green bean casserole didn’t make the cut, so to avoid that your vantage point will be at the end of the table, or from above – try using a stepping pool, or tripod. If that doesn’t do the trick, switch to a wider lens. In addition, when you plan on getting a group shot of the clan, make sure they’re all squished together and in the frame. Remember just because you’re the photographer doesn’t mean you can’t be in these photos too. Set up the tripod and timer, and squeeze your way in. Get Sloshed After The Shoot – It’s the holidays, there’s a dangerous amount of alcohol going around and you are the designated camera man or woman. We recommend you enjoy yourself with some cider or wine, but try and hold off till after the photos have been snapped. If your mind is blurry, the images will be too. There’s nothing more frustrating than going crazy to get the perfect shot, and it turning out completely warped. Trust us on this one, if you don’t want your whole family shunning you for those lost moments.Makeshift Studio – Try and arrive to the dinner party before everyone, in order to set up the surrounding environment to your liking. Props and decorations will liven up the place, and help distinguish the exact holiday you’re photographing. Fall leaves, pumpkins, candles, and an amber toned ambience seem to set the thanksgiving tone best. Keep in mind, intimate moments like these, are best captured with a natural or low light, so added flashes aren’t really necessary. Furthermore, if you’re familiar with the space beforehand, you have the advantage to position subjects accordingly and have select zones that are only meant for you to stand in and shoot from.Get It While It’s Hot – Any food photographer will recommend shooting the food while it’s hot and ready…it’s pretty obvious why. Food looks the most appetizing, fresh off the stove or out the oven, so act fast. We don’t want the food to lose its glaze or get soggy before getting a snap of it. Besides, fasting before this holiday is good protocol, which means everyone will be waiting like animals to tear up any dish that hits the table.

Capture Candids – When we think of the holidays, we picture an equal amount of unplanned and posed pictures. Unforgettable moments register on camera best when no one knows they’re being shot. The most common scene during dinner, is when everyone starts passing dishes, reaching for utensils, creating their plate, and digging in. The experience is what we want to remember most, so be wise and on your toes for those legendary holiday candids. Capture Close Ups – The only way to really spotlight the turkey’s glistening skin or the apple pie’s mouth-watering aroma is by zooming in. Thanksgiving centers around satisfying those taste buds, and close-ups is the best way to really draw out the flavors in a photo. If close ups aren’t really your thing, just compromise by creating a focal point you want to highlight instead.Too Formal Is Too Formal – It’s the holidays, or in other words a time to relax after a year of busting your ass… so let’s try not to take it too seriously. Thanksgiving in particular warrants mess-making and food fights (not the high-school cafeteria food fights, but rather the ones over who gets the last slice of pumpkin pie). The disarray will encapsulate the genuine fun atmosphere, and in the long run we care to cherish the organic side of this get-together. Also, keep in mind the photos are to be taken throughout the entire celebration, and consisting of all moments (no matter how many there are).

You now know all the finest tips and tricks to make your Thanksgiving an unforgettable one, so all that’s left to do is give thanks and F some food up!