So your following has plateaued and you’re not sure what to do next. You’ve given it all you’ve got but you’re just not breaking that ceiling of 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000; what’s your move? Sometimes, people just want to get down and dirty and ask for those follows, no matter how uncomfortable doing so may be. If that happens to be your style, we’ve scoured the interwebs and put together a collection of some of the most creative ways in which people have gone about requesting you to follow them on social media: 

Watch in awe (or cringe), and allow the inspiration to flow.


1. Make a Music Video

“Follow me, follow me, make me g-o-o”

2. Make Everyone Aware Of Your Best Attributes

“My narcisstic [sic] funny, likable personality on camera”   

Why follow Moses? CUZ “MOSES IS A HIT!” 

3. Offer $TRAIGHT CA$H

Evidently ballin’ Youtube member Crazy Skippy offers the chance to win a crisp C-note should you choose to follow him on social media.

More than that, he’s offering a free signature on each one, too!

Buyers beware, some comments on his video seem to point towards Crazy Skippy’s penchant for  announcing sweepstakes without following through:


Nonetheless, the giveaway worked to perfection with at least one subscriber: 

4. Acknowledge the Cringe

“I made an account….so I could be a meme…like an idiot…” 

“Only do it if you’re bored…or want entertainment”

I definitely didn’t know the term cringe when I was your age, precocious young social media star.

5. Expose Secret Glitch That Allows Everyone Who Likes Your Video To Receive Free iPhone 7

Can you believe this guy? Alerting us all to a potentially valuable Youtube glitch and all he asks for in return is a “Like Comment Share and Subscribe” and a “Stalk” on social media? Talk about a selfless hero, Sully‘s got nothing on this kid.

6. Keep It Simple




Know your audience.

7. Be Open About It

“I think you guys should follow my Instagram because somebody on Instagram told me that this is how you get people to follow your Instagram.”

Radical transparency is the name of the game.

8. Just Dance

Her moves are so tight, bots create themselves just to follow.


Cover Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash