Resource’s Fall Issue of 2017 is here, and the anticipation has grown quite unbearable from both your end and ours. For this issue, we brought you everything that encompasses the best of brunch in all shapes and sizes plus, tastes and textures. The cover features our take on the ultimate brunch wallpaper, photographed by Greg Neumaier, styled by the Resource Crew, plus directed and choreographed by CEO Alexandra Niki. Get ready for a mouthwatering mag full of food porn, photography tips, and more.

We all know the newest and coolest fad today is food blogging, or in other words snapping a photo of your food before devouring it. It has grown to epic proportions, and you must be wondering what’s behind all the hullabaloo, and maybe even how you can join the fun. Our Fall ’17 issue has the low down for all your brunch blogging needs, and we are stoked to share it with our readers.

Not only do we supply some much needed tips to get those savory snaps, we also introduced plenty of brunch places to opt for. Having some knowledge about the cuisine, the presentation of it, and atmosphere of the restaurant saves you so much time when setting out your food blogging mission. We truly don’t mind if you recreate our photo’s either, as long as you put your own flare to it, because ultimately we’re here to share our experiences to further your knowledge, and perfect your blog and/or Insta page. Think of the Fall issue as your friend and crutch when it comes to everything you need to know about food blogging.

Also featured in this issue, is an up North trip to Michael Schrom‘s ‘Cook Barn’ in New York’s Hudson Valley for the inside scoop on cooking and capturing the essence of Umami. Renowned Chef, Zakary Pelaccio owner of, BackBar and Fish & Game, joined us to muster up all the magical meals.



We also wanted to bring you some Instagram food blogging talent first hand, which led us to Jeremy Jacobowitz, more so known as ‘Brunch Boys’. From our ears to the page, we shared the story that led him to where he is today, plus what makes a damn good food post, and even a couple of his favorite spots for some tasty egg dishes.

So folks, the hype is real and we can’t wait till you get your hands on one of these bad boys yourself.

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