In their November 2017 issue, our good friends at Wired featured a short column entitled “Our Selfies, Ourselves,” in which writer Alicia Eler, of The Selfie Generation, comments on various celebrity’s selfies. Lena Dunham’s, for instance, say “‘Fuck it’ and embrace imperfection,” while Samuel L. Jackson’s “show he’s social with a capital S”.

“I am a big fan of James”

One name in particular, however, caught our eyes here at Resource: James Franco. Yes, that James Franco, infamous for his Instagram activities including unsuccessfully hitting on a 17-year old, and frequently posting pics which had the effect of “creeping out” a sizable chunk of the population (though not us).

Courtesy Instagram

This name stood out because, as far as we were concerned, Franco had deleted his social media accounts back in February–his last post on Facebook is a family Christmas photo from 2016–and they had yet to return. Thinking we had missed this phoenix’s rebirth, and eager to revisit the scene of some of the artist’s best work, we travelled to the Instagram handle provided in Wired’s chosen screenshot: @jamesfrancoo. What we found there, however, would deeply disturb us.

🙁 Facebook Screenshot

Jamesfrancoo, an account provided by Wired as an example of Franco’s “using Instagram to re-create a teen idol archetype,” was no more than a fan account. We felt supremely duped. We still aren’t sure why WIRED included this account in their article. We feel it must have been intentional since even the tagline of the handle @jamesfrancoo is “I am a big fan of James,”

Yet perhaps, we thought– in a moment of desperation–the fact that the tagline on the page did not necessarily rule out that it was Franco’s account: after all if anyone were to comment on their being fans of themselves in the third person, it would probably be James Franco. 

“Yeah, it would.” Courtesy: Instagram

Needless to say, this would turn out not to be the case. Jamesfrancoo himself (or herself) provided a link to the “official” Franco page, jamesfrancotv, the clicking of which led us here:

:'( Instagram Screenshot

The moral of the story: don’t believe everything you read. Especially if it involves the resurfacing of a dearly missed teenage heartthrob on social media.

“Fer srs, guyz” Courtesy: Instagram


Feature Image Courtesy Franco’s Deceased Instagram, RIP