Help Refugees is a non-profit organization that provides the necessary resources for refugees around the world. Through more than 80 ongoing projects, they are able to benefit refugees with funding, food, and shelter. The organization just designed a whole new way to contribute to the cause, by opening up their very own store, Choose Love. The space itself was donated by Shaftesbury – a Real Estate Investment Trust, concluding that all the money you spend goes solely towards aiding and assisting refugees, rather than the store’s rent or maintenance. Choose Love is the first of its kind, with a very unconventional way to supply goods for refugees. Instead of just buying materials for yourself and the store donating all proceeds to their organization, you essentially shop for refugees first hand, leaving empty handed yourself but with the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in someone’s less fortunate life and situation.

Plus, when buying any items on sale, you get a short story of why they were chosen specifically. It’s so intimate and personal this way, and also you aren’t stuck with the thought of your money going into the wrong hands. There are so many different resources to purchase for refugees, such as toiletries, winter gear, arts and crafts, cooking supplies, and more stuff that sometimes we take for granted.

Photographer, Jack Harries was there to support and capture some behind the scenes documentation on his Instagram to help spread the word.

The Choose Love store also features stunning portraits of refugees that will benefit from your help, courtesy of photographer Alice Aedy. The portraits displayed around the entire shop, is a beautiful reminder of why you’re there helping in the first place.

Plenty of other creators and influencers were in attendance to support, shopping their heart out to aid in the refugee crisis.

Go to Help Refugee’s online shop, or visit the Choose Love store at – 18 Broadwick St, Soho, London W1F 8HS.

Photos courtesy of Jack Harries