The FlowMotion One is said to be the newest and most reliable smartphone 3D stabilizers on the market today. The ultimate tool for video creators, travelers, or even those who just simply want to capture their memories on camera without the inevitable shakiness.

Have an edge on the rest, with smooth and steady videos that seem as though they were conducted by a professional with pricey and bulky camera stabilizing equipment. The effortlessness behind the motion shooting with this tool, is that of a miracle, and the answer to any vlogger’s dream.The One is compact and lightweight compared to other smartphone stabilizers, so much that you are afforded the opportunity to fold it up and fit it in your pocket. The size and mobilization of this product gives you the advantage to pull it out whenever you feel the moment is right for shooting. It’s the perfect storm for getting those on-the-spot Snapchat and Instagram stories, since they come and go so fast. Easily connect your smartphone with bluetooth, and say goodbye to those annoying in-the-way wires. Plus with the stabilizer, comes a premium and sleek travel case with room for accessories and extra batteries. A main feature of the One is its AutoFocus technology, providing the ability to follow any object or person you care to focus on, making your job even more of a breeze. Clearly this product really only needs content to shoot and a hand to hold.

It doesn’t end here for the One, with its options of modes to choose from including:

  • Pan Mode – Smartphone is in a vertical position or upright, and is worthy of shooting any situation. Also ideal for mounting on a bike.
  • Lock Mode – For when you want your phone to be perfectly still when shooting any which way you move.
  • Pan + Tilt Mode – For when you need your smartphone to fluidly move in all directions, adjusting and performing to sudden movement.

In order to have all the features One provides, such as panorama, motion time-lapse, and a range of other professional shooting modes make sure to download The FlowMotion App for IOS and Android. Within the App you’re able to view and organize all your footage, hassle-free. With the video world growing at a rapid pace in business and pleasure, we recommend the FlowMotion One to all creators in the field.

Get yours The FlowMotion One!