With this years PhotoPlus Expo Convention at the Javit’s Center, we saw the photography world take things up a level with top-notch advancements in everything from cameras, to lenses, to photo gear. With so much technological advancement, you’d think the appeal of tangible printed photos would lose it’s charm, but FUJIFILM continues to find a way to make their “instant photo” products a must-have. With PPE, they’ve introduced their newest Instax Share SP-3, a product that will officially propel the retro-style instant photo into the modern age.

The Instax Share SP-3 functions, like the SP-2, as a printer that produces those charming, tangible photos that develop in a just few minutes, but with new advancements that make the process faster and easier. The printer, which comes in black or white, connects to the compatible Instax cameras and allows you to choose whichever image you’d like to print, in a number of different formats and filters.

But that’s not all—with the Instax Share App, you can choose photos from your camera roll, Instagram,  Facebook, etc., and have these photos printed as well, making every moment capable of being captured in that timeless way. FUJIFILM truly ups their game and gives you a lot to do with your tangible photos, all from the convenience of an easy-to-use phone app.


The features of the Share SP-3 are plentiful, but here are the key ones:

High-Speed Printing. With the new laser exposure system, the printing takes place in just 13 seconds from the moment the machine receives the print data. The new system has also lowered the printing noise, making the experience easier and more enjoyable.

Templates. You can now add text to the photos you print, in order to perfectly encapsulate what you choose to represent in your image. This can be regular word text, the time/date of the photo, or the social media source the image was taken from.

Impeccable Image Quality. With high resolution and print pixel of 800×800 dots and of 318 dpi, the photos print with stunning accuracy making the facial expressions, textures, and tiny details clear and vibrant.

Split/Collage. Say you want your full photo and the size of the print doesn’t fit the entire image. Or you want to display multiple images in the same shot. You can now do both—the new system allows you to split a photo into a number of separate prints so you’ve got your whole image, and also allows you to make a collage to be printed all on the same copy.

Filters. There are a number of filters available, including classics like sepia and black & white, but you’ve also got filters to fix brightness and contrast, in addition to an Intelligence Filter that does that work for you.


Need a little more information on the logistics? Here are the facts & numbers:

Film- FUJIFILM Instant Film “instax SQUARE”

Photo Capacity- 10 prints per pack

Image Size- 62mm x 62mm

Supported image size- 800 x 800 dots

Printing resolution- 12.5 dots/mm (318 dpi)

Supported image format- JPEG, PNG

Printing time- 13 sec.

Approximate printing capacity- Approx. 160 prints

Power supply- NP-50

Charging time- Approx 3 hours

Dimensions- 116 mm x 130.5 mm x 44.4 mm

Weight- 312g

Supplied accessory- Micro USB cable, Ferrite core

The product goes for $199.95 and will be available starting on November 17th, 2017.