What better way to catch the best aerial images than to dangle from a helicopter? Where photographers have captured landscape shots from a drone or window of a plane, Jin-Woo Prensena goes further, by literally hanging from a helicopter and shooting while suspended over 7,500 feet from the ground.

In an interview with CNN Travel, Prensena says, “Aerial fine art photography attracts me because it is one of the most challenging types of photography.”

Prensena’s adventurous nature developed while he was serving as a paratrooper in the German military service, where he jumped out of a moving plane on more than one occasion.

He decided to instill this into the practice, and while working with a friend in capturing the best aerial photos, he expressed his desire to not just capture photos from high up but to literally dangle from the helicopter.

On the advantage this gives him, Prensena says, “It gives me much more freedom to use the camera in any type of angle. Especially if I want to shoot vertically, fully vertical down, which, I believe, as a photographer gives you a very unique angle.”

Prensena describes the experience with excitement, siting the mixture of adrenaline and creativity as the perfect combination for getting a shot. While he’s doing his work from above, Prensena is attached to the helicopter with a professional rescue harness while everything else in the helicopter is strapped down to ensure that there’s no chance anything will fly out. The system is perfectly planned and very organized to ensure Prensena’s safety in doing his work.

Through his unique way of capturing the world, Prensena gains perspective that might not be attainable without his courageous methods. He captures everything from rocky beaches and roaring waves, to resorts and parking lots, to planes ready for take off—all in the hopes of presenting a fresh perspective of the world from above.

“I’m drawn to obviously beautiful images,” Prensena says, “But behind the scenes I’m willing to go the extra step and to take any possible challenges on, in order to get that image.”
Check out more of his images on his instagram : @jprensena or on his website www.jprensena.com