Seven Playboy Bunnies blast from the past to re-create their original covers 30 years later. Photographer Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry did a great job at capturing the same twinkle in each woman’s eyes after 3 decades. The ladies are even more beautiful with age, and the overall project is super body-positive because of it.

“Once a playmate, always a playmate.” -Hugh Hefner

 Renee Tenison, November 1989 The late Hugh Hefner who died earlier last month, appointed his son, Cooper Hefner, to be the magazine’s new chief creative officer. Cooper is already killing it since receiving the title, and this mastermind idea proves so.

“I was sitting with my mom on Mother’s Day and thought, ‘Hey mom, do you want the opportunity to reshoot your old cover?’ Cooper said. “A pretty unconventional Mother’s Day gift but she said yes.”

Playboy magazine has been producing gold for 64 years now, and there was some much needed time hopped side-by-sides to reminisce. I must say the biggest difference overall, is the wide-spread fame playboy has gained over the years. There is not a single person out there that doesn’t know Playboy and what it’s all about, so in many ways Hef more than fulfilled his prophecy. With that being said, the passing of Hef, doesn’t mean its over for Playboy and this re-enactment shoot is just the start.

Candace Collins, December 1979

 Cathy St. George, August 1982 Charlotte Kemp Muhl, December 1982 Kimberley Conrad Hefner, January 1988 Lisa Matthews, April 1990

Monique St.Pierre, November 1978

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Photography by Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry
Styling by Neva Kaya and Caitlin Disney
Hair and Makeup by Karina Moore and Stella Mikhail
Special thanks to Evan Woods and Katie Bell Moore