One of the biggest pain’s in the ass: any type of creative block. We all know it, but don’t get discouraged, there’s a way out of these chains, and luckily we got all the details to guide you through it. This article’s goal is to inspire you to pick up that camera, and unleash the artist buried in you. It may take some digging to get into the groove of things, so take your time and have some patience. Once you cleared up that lackluster funk, you’ll have full range to accomplish some really great things. You got all the capability, we’re just going to throw in some tools to put you on the right path.

Just Do It – You don’t by any means need an itinerary when creating, so don’t get hung up on the lack of premeditated plans. It’s not only about the extensive work you put in a project, but about the effortlessness it’ll exude. Concrete ideas isn’t a one-track way to produce powerful images, but also the randomness of shooting things without consciousness.You have to get out there, and if you don’t have content to shoot, explore, and find it along the way.

Just ask Shia LaBeouf

Join Forces – If you have yet to get the creative ball rolling on your own, get by with a little help from your friends. As someone in the photography industry, you most likely know other creative’s ready to create. Take advantage of this, get a team, and collaborate your back burner ideas. Besides producing magic with other people, can be a fun experience. You don’t have to just rely on just yourself to come up with all the ideas, and boy does that help. Even watching other people in their expressive bubble, may ground you back to earth and release your creative restrictions.

What’s gonna work? Teamwork!

Try Something New – Your everyday is starting to be a drag. You’ve shot enough landscapes in your lifetime, and you need fresh subjects to inspire you. So, change it up. Explore a whole new field of photography, that requires unfamiliar subjects and technique. This switch-up in its self will get your mind wandering to that creative wave you’ve been missing. You’ll have to walk through unknown doors to get an idea of these new things, and it probably won’t hurt your photographer’s block either.

 Find More Time For Leisure- Staying busy is great, working hard is rewarding, but sometimes you need to just relax. You can’t focus when your mind is constantly in go mode. Make down time to unwind, and re-generate your brain space. It’s unhealthy to get caught up in only work related things, and losing precious self-reflectance in the meantime is no bueno. So kick back with a cold brew or a sweet book and refuel the energy you’ve been stretching thin over that uninspired induced stress.

If it permits: go here, kick up your feet, and chill

Decide Your Destiny – Are you going to sit around wallowing in your ways? Or are you going to realize your dreams still need to be chased? Unearth your old photos and projects, and behold the time creative juices that were once flowing. Realize that creative freedom was once tangible, and still is. If it makes you feel better everyone in their life will at least once go through an obstacle in the way of the outlets that kept them sane. You have to understand your passion for photography is much stronger than this uninspiring wall. Break it down, and fight for your creative freedom. You will get back on your feet again, and when you do it may just be the best project you’ve will ever create.

Yay! I found my fate