Peak Design, a San Fran based product design company has released their newest “Capture v3” product at the 2017 PhotoPlus Expo, and this product will revolutionize the way you travel with your camera. This small, compact clip attaches to your belt, your backpack strap, or really any area thats easily accessible to you—the clip can mount to any strap up to 2.5 inches wide—and serves as an incredibly sturdy and secure resting place for your camera.  The camera slips simply into the product and clicks into place, where you can then lock it with confidence that your gear is in safe-keeping.

The v3 is an upgrade from Peak Design’s earlier Capture model, and the newest product comes with key advancements to the design and functions of the camera clip.

The first update is in its size: the product is 30% lighter and 20% narrower, meaning this product won’t be getting in your way if you are often on the move when you shoot. On the contrary, the improved strength of the steel locking pin and the stability of the embedded grip make it so your camera stays completely safe and in place, even in the most rigorous of activity—the safety lock has also been redesigned to ensure the safety of your gear at all times. Even with the security of these safety features, the clip allows for instant access to your camera with its quick-release button that immediately unlocks the pad. The new design also has a set of thumb screws adding to the versatility of the product, and allowing you to mount the clip either vertically or horizontally. In terms of exterior design, the v3 model is gorgeously sleek, and comes in two colors: black and silver.

This product is sure to change the way you travel with your camera, as it’s truly unique in the amount of security it offers in such a small sized device. The Capture v3 makes the process of photographing and exploring easy, so you can take your camera with you on any kind of adventure while knowing it is safe and accessible.

To pre-order via Peak Design’s Kickstarter page, you can back the product with a pledge of $55 or more—with the option to make a larger pledge in exchange for additional Peak Design gear. The product is set to ship before the end of this year.