As we mentioned in an earlier post of ours, Chase Jarvis and Gary Vaynerchuk hosted a must-see keynote presentation at the PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo this week. We can only hope you were in attendance, if not we got the complete low down, so throw your FOMO worries out the window.

The whole spiel had been centered around giving real, straight-forward answers to a curious creative audience. Vaynerchuk and Jarvis first-handedly understand the plight of the average business man and why they aren’t making ends meet in such a lucrative business. Likewise, every familiar subject gave them both the power to shed their knowledge. From business, photography, and how to maintain the chaos it may bring, they shared all. 

“It’s not that you want advice from us, it’s that your buying time to not eat more shit.” -Vaynerchuk

Few lucky audience members were chosen out of the 400 people present to join Vaynerchuk and Jarvis on the stage. They were able to ask the speakers their own pressing questions regarding their failed or successful business. The same sort of questions you may have in mind right now. How do i kickstart my ideas? What should I do differently? It was sort of a hot seat, given the fact they had ultimately in return, received un-filtered advice and tips without mercy. It was clear that throughout the panel both speakers would tell it exactly how it is.

For the photographer who is falling short in getting his business off the ground, Vaynerchuk explained that you should “take a step back and become a super narrow niche person in your specific genre.” Basically, if you are photographing so many different things, “fucking narrow it down.” The fearful jump to re-invent your business’ initial idea, is not as scary as you thought. Plus from what i got out of this panel: change is good.

Be careful with new plans though. You need a certain expertise down, before you start putting your foot in ten different doors, especially “when you feel your in the grey”, Vaynerchuk added. For example one man in the hot seat was asked to be give an annual salary he thought was fair based on his diverse product review business. In short, the number he thought he deserved had been outrageous and what Vaynerchuk explained as “greedy”. The man was surprised by his notion, considering he believed he was a hard-worker. Sometimes it’s not about working extensively hard, but about “having patience, and not being fancy” Vaynerchuk clarified. First, know your place in a world full of others doing the exact same thing, then strategize to separate yourself. Listen to the professionals rather than make sense of it yourself, but also remain true to yourself.

“Be different not just better.” -Jarvis

Sitting in on the Creative Live panel, provoked me to reconsider the path to my own creative journey. It was super informative and will definitely help those confused in the process of pursuing their dreams. It’s comforting to know that even the most successful people out there, were once walking in our shoes, full of questions. Make the effort to get informed, and keep an eye on these two in the future for more inspiring talk-throughs.