It seems that every other day Snapchat is adding a new feature to enhance our social media sharing experience—today is no different.

First discovered by Mashable, Snapchat has just released a new addition to the app’s capabilities—filters and photo stickers based on photo recognition. The app will now be able to analyze your photos and suggest proper filters that go with whatever you’ve photographed. These will be accessible in the regular cycle of filters, but certain filters will only appear based on your photo’s content.

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For example, say you take a photo of a particularly delicious meal, intuitively a fun filter saying “What Diet?” would then be available to liven up your photo. It doesn’t stop at food photos though, other categories with compatible filters include concerts, beaches, pets, and sports.

These filters aren’t just for fun—Mashable says, “These contextual filters could serve as ads in the future. Snap filed a patent for an advertising system that used object recognition to serve relevant filters back in 2015.” Brands can pay to sponsor filters, thus serving as a source of revenue for the Snapchat company.

It is safe to say advancement to the Snapchat experience won’t stop here. In the coming weeks, the app will continue to undergo major redesigns and updates in order to boost the company’s earning report for the coming year.

Update your Snapchat app to up your photo game by checking out this new feature, so you can continue on in sharing anything and everything with these cool, relevant filters.