What’s the best way to honor the eminence of an orgasm? By getting them on camera. “The O Project”, started after photographer Marcus Alberti and the sex toy company Smile Makers teamed up to empower women through their sexuality. In doing so, they photographed 22 orgasms from 22 different women for the world to see.

“I’m always happy to pick a taboo topic and turn it into a light and fun photo shoot, but I also want to start a conversation about female sexuality with this” – Alberti said.

Each photo paints a picture of what I see as just natural human behavior. Nothing wrong with it folks, and the stigma that being an overly-sexual woman is ‘slutty behavior’, needs to end. This project is a portrayal of something we all do behind closed doors. With that in mind, in a way the overall intent is to normalize such a private and maybe awkward subject for people. Their smiles prove the pleasure in this activity and these portraits might just arouse the audience to be more open with their sexuality because of it. Come to think of it, expressing yourself any which way makes room to release built up internal tension, which can be good for your mental and physical health. So no more shaming masturbation, because you do it and enjoy it too.

Furthermore, you may have caught the essence behind Alberti’s photography with his “Three Glasses Of Wine Later” series in 2016. The series was in fact hilarious, but these ladies reaching their climax is far more racy and fun. Not to mention, the women featured are from all over the world and a range of different ages, so there’s a ton of diversity we can appreciate. All in all, their boldness to express themselves, is frankly beautiful and kick-ass, so let’s celebrate it!

To see just how bold this project is, check out this behind the scenes clip:

Check out all 22 orgasms here: The O Project