A Vimeo Staff Picked video—Joey Greene’s horror short “Polaroid”, which was released on Halloween, features a young man who has just moved into an apartment when he finds a polaroid camera amongst his stuff and begins to snap pictures of his new place. He soon finds that there is more lurking in the shadows of his apartment than meets the eye.

Greene, who serves as the writer, producer, director, and editor, gives a single line in the description about his work: “It’s the things we can’t see that terrify us the most…”


The short is only 3 minutes in length, with a small cast of two people and a crew consisting of just four people. The film was shot with a RED Scarlet W camera, using Canon Cinema Primes lenses.

For such a small team, this short feature is incredibly well-made, and it’s eery message is sure to keep you up at night.

For more of Joey Greene’s work, follow his instagram @joey.d.greene or visit his vimeo page.