It’s been about six months since Wesaturate, the photo-sharing community founded by three young engineers “trying to change the world,” went live. Accepting exclusively RAW or JPEG files, the site billed itself as a unique platform focused on learning.

Ominously provided by user Prince666

To that end, stricter-than-normal rules were enforced to ensure quality. Users are limited to five uploads a day, for example, because they don’t want Wesaturate to be your “file storage service” –they recommend Dropbox– but a place to “learn” and “experiment with different edits.”

Courtesy: Sinkfish

It’s coolest feature, however, has been Replies, which allows users to “not only download free RAW photos,” but to edit them and upload “for the world to see.” Introduced on September 4th–almost five months after launch–the service was reportedly “requested by many” through its feedback channels.

cormac edited by brunoze13

It’s like a photographer’s game of exquisite corpse.

Credit is always given to both users; here, Allison Tessier edited by alex2411.

“If you want to support us, don’t text and drive. Stay safe.”

-Quote from the site’s About page

Needless to say, the site’s doing well, with a lively community and a stocked library. The founders, meanwhile, are actively involved. Besides adding Replies, they’ve also fixed user-reported bugs and issued a manual on their blog on how to attain Google-fu, mastery of the search engine.


Even if you don’t want to share, or would like to share but don’t want to provide RAW files, you can still join and download unlimited images for editing, enjoying, or inspiration. Get crackin’.


Feature Image Courtesy jgudinho