Newbies that use Photoshop for the first time can find it a daunting experience. First-time users can get frightened of the tedious layout that is jammed packed with so many photo enhancement tools to choose from. Unfortunately, Photoshop is mandatory software for anyone interested in photography and editing especially those wishing to make it a profession. Practice practice practice is the only way to master it. Make mistakes but be creative!

There’s plenty of different ways to get acquainted with Photoshop. For instance, YouTube offers incredible instructional videos and subscribing to devoted Photoshop educating channels can become an all-time best friend. Here’s a list of the best in the bizz:

Peter McKinnon – A true vlogger king, who gives his viewers a very interactive experience. This YouTube rockstar, has such a diverse approach, when it comes to giving his own tried and true secrets in regards to editing techniques and more. It is a must you subscribe to his channel, for fun and informative tutorials on Photoshop and more.



Jessica Kobeissi– Kobeissi’s YouTube channel is geared towards educating her audience on all the tricks and trades of shooting and editing portrait and fashion photography. Her tutorials are crisp, clear, and come around every Wednesday.



Thomas Heaton – If you’re in the landscape/seascape photography bizz and could use some lessons on how to Photoshop your stunning images without losing their natural essence, Thomas Heaton’s YouTube Channel should be your destination. His channel includes plenty of tutorials specifically for editing landscape photography, which is a plus when trying to narrow down your tutorial content to your specific niche.


PiXimperfect – PiXimperfect is geared directly and solely towards teaching people all the concepts behind Photoshop and Lightroom. There’s a wide range of many different areas and focal points within Photoshop and this channel gives you a chance to explore them all. Their motive is to educate the unexperienced creator and help brush up the knowledge of the already familiar creator.

Mango Street – Their about me says it all, “photography tutorials that don’t waste your time.” The tutorials on the Mango Street channel are uncomplicated and straight to the point. If you’re looking to get some all around great take-away tips and techniques, look no further.


RGG EDU – A group of creative professionals with one aim: teaching their audience all the secrets behind Photoshop. They provide in depth tutorials, e-books, and podcasts, keeping their subscribers fully up-to-date. RGG EDU makes your learning experience very intimate, with their one-on-on talk throughs from other creative professionals with the same goal as you. Check em’ out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Adorama – With over a dozen hosts on stand by for all your photography editing needs, we put our full trust in this Adorama’s YouTube channel. They claim, that “having real professionals tell their stories and share their craft is why our audience is engaged with our videos and why they gain confidence and desire to explore their own creative directions with photography and video.” Say no more, just subscribe!


LinkedIn Learning Solutions – Say you want to take it slow and steady when obtaining all the information and tools Photoshop has to offer. If that’s the case, then look no further than LinkedIn Learning Solutions’ YouTube channel. Their lessons are practical and uncomplicated, which is a major plus considering there is a lot to take in, when perfecting the craft of Photoshop. LinkedIn Learning Solutions will be the perfect guide to start and grow your Photoshop journey.

Photoshop Picture Editor – Wanna do some funky things with photoshop, like turn your dog into a tiger, or make your cat have a human face? Then subscribe to Photoshop Picture Editor’s channel. The many unconventional editing techniques and crazy, weird picture warping is what this channel is dedicated to teaching, giving you a unique advantage from the rest.


Tutvid –  Tutvid is a one man army, who has devoted his channel to helping a variety of creators with Photoshop tutorials, tech reviews, and more. He simplifies his lessons with powerful tips and small cuts consisting of him just interacting with his viewers. It’s a new take on the way people teach these tutorials, and we appreciate his unique side of educating.


Blue Lighting TV Photoshop – If you feel more comfortable getting tips from the well-known pros, then this channel has got your back. Founder, Marty Geller, has a background in the entertaining industry, with clients such as ABC, NBC, CBS, VH-1, and more. Geller has even received Emmy’s for his work in television. We trust his expertise to give an array of Photoshop tutorials for the creative world to feed off.

PHLEARN –  This channel is perfect for portrait photographers, mainly because of the amount of facial editing tutorials they provide. The best part about PHLEARN, is the list of videos they have on Photoshop education. Trust me, this list is long as heck!



Danksy – Founder, Daniel White, known as ‘Danksy ‘is a veteran in the design world with a passion for teaching others. He was once in your same unwary shoes, when it came to understanding Photoshop, so trusting him will be easy. Danksy’s channel has plenty of in-depth tutorials for beginners and up. 


Photoshop Training Channel – Their mantra explains it all: “just show me how you did that.” The channel is all Photoshop tutorials, so anything you click on will be aimed towards the same curiosities you had in the first place. Learn even more than you thought you had to with, Photoshop Training Channel.


Not to mention folks, all these tutorials are FREE, so there should be nothing holding you back from becoming that Photoshop expert, you are destined to be!