Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon—unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, not only have you heard of these TV streaming services, but you’re likely subscribed to one, if not all of them.

As perhaps the biggest powerhouse of them all, Netflix has just released their stats for this year’s cycle of watching habits. With over 109 million members spanning across 109 countries (there are even users in Antarctica who are particularly fond of Shameless), they certainly had a lot of data to sift through—I mean, according to Netflix, we, collectively, have watched approximately 140 million hours of television per day, and a whopping 1 billion hours per week. That is, for lack of a more appropriate term, a shit-ton of TV.

Netflix has compiled four lists to separate the different styles of binge-watching: shows we devoured, shows we savored, shows that got us cheating, and shows that brought us together.

Shows We Devoured 

The gift of devouring a television show—free from the anguish of waiting week to week for your next dose of drama—is the single most compelling aspect of a streaming service. Netflix defines these devoured shows as the ones that users spent more than 2 hours a day absorbed in. I am big enough to admit that I have spent entire days engrossed in one world or another, unable to resist the temptation of another episode lingering only a click away. “Just one more” is truly the essence of binge-watching. Here are the top 10 shows devoured by Netflix users this year:

1. American Vandal

2. 3%

3. 13 Reasons Why

4. Anne With An E

5. Riverdale

6. Ingobernable

7. Travelers

8. The Keepers

9. The OA

10. The Confession Tapes


Shows We Savored

Sometimes, rarely, a show comes along that, for one reason or another, is more enjoyable when watched over a longer period of time. Netflix defines these savored shows as the ones that users spent less than 2 hours a day absorbed in. Maybe the show is incredibly dense and you need a breather in between episodes to wrap your head around the events that transpired, maybe it took you a bit of time to really get hooked, or maybe you have some sort of mysterious will power that enables you to ration good TV instead of cramming it into your brain ASAP. Whatever the reason, here are the top 10 shows savored by Netflix users this year:

1. The Crown

2. Big Mouth

3. Neo Yokio

4. A Series of Unfortunate Events

5. Glow

6. Friends From College

7. Ozark

8. Atypical

9. Dear White People

10. Disjointed


Shows That Got Us Cheating

Cheating, meaning you just couldn’t help yourself and proceeded to watch the next episode, or even finish the season, without your television buddy. While more of an issue for those with significant others, we’ve all become engrossed in a show alongside another and vowed “I won’t watch the next one without you.” But sometimes a show is just too good. In my case, my SO is my roommate, and I have gone so far as to cheat, and then re-watch the same episode with her, acting as though I’ve never seen it—apparently, I’m not the only one. Here are the top 10 shows that got us cheating this year:

1. Narcos

2. 13 Reasons Why

3. Stranger Things

4. Orange is the New Black

5. Sense8

6. Black Mirror

7. Marvel’s The Defenders

8. Marvel’s Iron Fist

9. Ozark

10. Mindhunter


Shows That Brought Us Together

Some shows are most cherished when watched with a group, so you and your friends and family can sprinkle in your own commentary, or enjoy a lengthy group discussion post-watching. There is nothing quite as cozy as getting wrapped in a big blanket, surround by loved ones, ready to watch your favorite show together. Here are the top 10 shows that brought us together this year:

1. Stranger Things

2. 13 Reasons Why

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events

4. Star Trek Discovery

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

6. Riverdale

7. Fuller House

8. Chef’s Table

9. Atypical

10. Anne with An E


2017 was a year unlike no other, in more ways than one, and the entertainment industry brought us some of the best television in history—it’s no wonder we just can’t get enough. In recent years, television has transformed from a mindless, unsophisticated medium of storytelling to a cultivation of excellent writing, acting, directing, and music, all of which comes together in cinematic art. Fortunately, we’ve got thousands of options thanks to our beloved streaming services.

One final fact from Netflix: January 1st, 2017 was the biggest streaming day of the year, so on the first day of this new year, soothe your hangover by hunkering down on the couch in a big, cozy blanket, dim the lights and get bingeing.