Adobe has just announced a number of updates to their entire Lightroom CC ecosystem, which includes those for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the web, in addition to Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Raw.

The new features are designed to make your user experience more fluid than ever.

New Auto Settings

Powered by Adobe Sensei using an advanced neural network, the new auto setting has been completely revamped to create better results in your images, each and every time. The setting will be available ecosystem-wide, and will use an artificial intelligence system to analyze your photos and then compare it to tens of thousands of professionally edited, similar photos to create a beautiful image.


Lightroom CC on Desktop

The Lightroom CC for Desktop has received a number of new updates:

  • Tone curve, which allows you advanced control over the tonality, contrast, and color balance of your image.
  • Split toning, which allows you to customize your photo through color tints in the highlights and shadows.
  • Capture time changing capabilities, which allows you to adjust the capture time on your image, in case you forgot to change your camera’s time or time zone setting.
  • Full Screen, which is available either by using the F key or by navigating to View–>Detail Full Screen.


Lightroom CC on Android

The updates to the Lightroom CC for Android are as follows:

  • App shortcuts, available by tapping and holding on the app icon to quickly launch the app into popular modes.
  • More control over managing storage.
  • A number of bug fixes.
  • Speed improvement.


Lightroom CC on iOS

The new additions to Lightroom CC for iOS will include:

  • Watermarking on export capabilities, which will allow you to create and customize your own text-based watermark to be used when exporting your image from Lightroom CC on iOS.
  • Improvements to the quality of HDR capturing.
  • A number of bug fixes.
  • Speed improvement.


Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw

In addition to the Auto Setting mentioned above, the Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw will also get a Color Range masking tool update. Additionally, it will now be easier than ever to remove individual sample points. Lightroom Classic CC also supported tethered capture with the Nikon D850 camera.


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