For my friends and family who only see the final photographs I post to social media, they assume that my job as a “full time photographer” is as simple as pressing a shutter button. Little do they know that 90% of my actual job is spent brainstorming ideas, planning out those ideas, creating a shot list, and organizing all of the various notes and files that need to be collaborated on with my clients and co-creators.

Being a generally unorganized person, I would often get overwhelmed during a project’s lifespan, as I found myself feeling lost as to where my team was in the creative process.

So when I heard about BitPix, my interest and excitement level peaked. The software is made as an all-in-one solution for commercial and studio photographers, but the extensive features make it a must-have tool for retail, advertising, and production companies alike. Whether it be managing a local lifestyle photo shoot for a clothing company or managing a team on a multi-week tourism board project halfway around the world, BitPix has everything that I would need to effectively organize and collaborate on almost every aspect of the job.

The idea was formed when BitPix Digital founder, Angel Hernandez III, found himself with the same problem over and over again. “For all of my photo shoots, nothing was centralized or efficient. I wanted to have a streamlined way to keep everything organized.” Hernandez started to methodically organize every detail of his shoots, and it was working. “Clients saw, asked about it, and asked if they could use it.”

And just like that, BitPix was born. Hernandez started to customize a cloud-based, all digital application and used the feedback he was given to develop BitPix into the all-in-one platform that it is today. Still, to this day, Hernandez continues to work on set shoulder to shoulder with creatives. “Working on shoots allows me to experience clients’ workflow requirements. This first-hand feedback is invaluable and keeps BitPix fresh and relevant in a quickly changing industry.”

While BitPix does so much, here are our favorite features of this extensive and easy to use software.

Shot List Management

Shot lists, while so simple in theory, can quickly become the most unorganized and confusing aspect of a photo shoot. Gone are the days of drafting emails the length of Stephen King novels to send notes to a retoucher or photo editor. BitPix’s robust Shot List Management System is a central place where all team members can see important information such as shot name, style notes, metadata, retouch note overlays, and layout files.

Call Sheet Generation

BitPix told us that the Call Sheet feature is one of the most requested and used features, and it is easy to see why. You can manage all of your contacts right in the software, and when the time comes, producers can simply select which team members to include and quickly generate a call sheet, saving us not only time, but countless mouse clicks.

Crew and Vendor Access

The beauty of BitPix is that all of this valuable and useful information lives on the cloud, which means that anyone who needs to be in the know, no matter where they are in the world, can access the database. But, obviously, not every crew member or third-party vendor needs to know everything about a shoot, especially sensitive information such as expense tracking. Luckily, BitPix made a very customizable way to specify which person sees what, eliminating the potential for confusion and keeping your privacy intact.

Travel Management & Expense Tracking

While two separate features, we find that these go hand-in-hand together. As a photographer who mainly shoots jobs far away from my home in Boise, Idaho, I cannot live without travel management and expense tracking. But, until BitPix, I would have to use separate software programs to accomplish this as well as manage my shot list and call sheets. Not anymore.

BitPix Invoicing

So you have wrapped up your job, and it’s time to get paid for all your hard work. Luckily, BitPix didn’t stop at pre-production organization. They created BitPix Invoicing, an easy and free way for creatives to bill clients and track payments.

We asked Hernandez why he decided to make BitPix Invoicing a stand alone app that was free for all.

“We created BitPix Invoicing as a way to give back to the community. We wanted to help our customers improve efficiency within the industry and provide them an easy way to bill, manage, and track invoices, without having to worry about the $10 a month for a platform like Xero or QuickBooks.”

It’s easy to see that the BitPix ecosystem is crucial for all kinds of photographers and content creators as it is today. But with a passionate and attentive developer like Hernandez at the helm, we can’t wait to see how BitPix will continue to make the chaotic day-to-day life of a creative a little easier.