Do it for the ‘gram, doesn’t fly in Bangkok, Thailand, where an American couple decided to moon the camera while standing in front of sacred Buhddist temples, War Arun and Wat Pho. Yup, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. But, what’s even more ridiculous is that once upon a time (before pissing off a whole country), the Dasilvas had an Instagram account called @traveling_butts, that had a dedicated news feed of “belfies” taken around the globe.

Some may think the Traveling_butts’ Instagram page is hilarious or even empowering and some may think it’s highly offensive. For Bangkok, it was purely disrespectful. Remember, it’s one thing to pose your rear for the camera in your own country, especially America, but doing it in a conservative and foreign land, in front of a holy temple, is another.

Many claim that this little stunt could put a big halt on the legalization of gay marriage in many Asian countries, which is a big deal. Before you point the finger, this misfortune has nothing to do with sexual-identity or gender because in fact it was very insensitive and harmful to all. Before posing for the photo, the pair really should’ve considered where they were, how it will be perceived, and who it will affect in the end.

Now, you may be wondering how justice was served for their crimes. Well, the couple was ultimately fined $153 US dollars each for indecent public exposure on religious grounds. They may not get away that easy after all, since the police are still in pursuit of adding more charges against the couple, which can land them in jail for up to 7 years. 

So folks, what did we learn today? That bearing your ass in front of a holy temple for an Instagram post is not right or worth the consequences.